15 Free Resources for Professionals Due to COVID-19 

Two office workers wearing masks working during COVID-19

As the global community continues to cope with the rapidly evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, businesses and individuals alike have had to face the brunt of the unpleasant reality and aftereffects of a global pandemic.

First and foremost, the pandemic has brutally reminded us all of the importance of our health. Minimizing exposure and maintaining healthy hygiene is now being prioritized by commercial businesses, schools and public transportation. Organizations are fighting hard to find ways to mitigate damage to their businesses and productivity. This requires a deeper look at resources and understanding business goals.

On top of this, organizations are working around the clock to find ways to get everyone back to the office and back to our daily routines – safely.

There is no denying it; these are challenging times.

Luckily, there are people and businesses looking to make a difference and are actively doing their part in giving back to the community.

With that, we have consolidated a list of some of the free sources available now due to COVID-19 that can help you and your business stay in communication, continue learning, and stay healthy as we slowly start the return to the new normal. 

Free communication resource Microsoft Teams

Free resources for learning and connecting

As many have found during the last few months, learning new skills doesn’t only happen in the office or in the classroom. Distance learning is now considered an important learning method for not only academic purposes, but also for the professional world. The following resources can help you stay on track with your learning goals and remain in contact with your colleagues and peers while doing so. 

CourseraThis online learning platform founded by Stanford computer science professors is offering a variety of free courses for career development. The courses also extend to those who are interested in mental health, or those looking for a new hobby.  

UdacityUdacity is well known for their collection of shortened degree certification programs, also known as “Nano degrees.” Take advantage of their one free month on all nanodegree programs while you can!  

LinkedIn Learning– LinkedIn is not only a place for growing your network. LinkedIn Learning is where professionals develop their skills with video courses. Check out their free learning paths available now.  

Google MeetHave you checked out your Gmail account lately? You might have noticed a new free video conferencing feature called Google Meet. Meet your friends and colleagues with this enterprise feature when you want, now for a limited time.   

Microsoft Teams– Microsoft is showing their commitment to health by supporting remote teams with their collaboration platform Teams. Check out the limited offers for small and medium sized business as well as enterprises and individuals.  

Slack– Popular collaboration platform Slack is offering their platform for free for certain organizations affected by COVID-19. Apply now to see if you qualify for their free offering.  

Free business resource Calendly

Free resources for working remotely and productively

Working remotely is a term that might be familiar to some, but for many industries, this is a whole new uncharted ter