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Feb18th, 2019

Engaging and embracing a multigenerational, multicultural work force

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A handful of recent reports cite that, for the first time in history, many organizations employ staff spanning four, sometimes five generations. Indeed, by 2020, most companies will have all these cohorts working side by side. Some leaders might worry about what this means for their organizations, wondering if the wide variety of people with fundamentally different experiences, perspectives and areas of expertise will hinder progress or company growth.

Feb13th, 2019

How Continuous Performance Management Drives Learning

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Performance management is no longer only focused on annual reviews. As times have changed, it is now a continuous process with regular check-ins between managers and individual employees all year long. Businesses are now implementing increasingly sophisticated continuous performance management solutions, enabling them to become much more responsive to changing business priorities.

Jan29th, 2019

Tapping into the Neuroscience of Personalized Learning

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Individual learner’s brains are unique – and they are constantly changing and adapting. As we learn, new connections are made, and new neural pathways are created. This is known as neuroplasticity. Neoplastic change happens when our brains experience something that strongly resonates with us, and when we are highly engaged. As each learner's brain is different and changing all the time, it is essential that learning delivery and content is personalized to individuals and continues to adapt to the individual’s changing needs.

Jan22nd, 2019

Making Soft Skills Learning More User-Centric Through Digital Transformation

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Employability is key in a fast-changing world. In the workplace, learners are motivated to keep their skills up-to-date so that they don't fall behind. If companies are to retain their best performing employees, it is vital to offer the best learning and development opportunities. And, there's also a growing awareness within the workforce of the need to be able to demonstrate soft skills, such as leadership, negotiation, and language and communication skills, in order to drive career progression.

Jan17th, 2019

Retaining Top Talent by Supporting Mental Health and Wellness at Work

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Did you know that poor mental health and work-related stress now accounts for over half of absences in the workplace? Last year in the UK alone, 15.4 million working days were lost due to conditions associated with poor mental health and wellness. More days are now lost at work to poor state of well-being than any other illness or injury, which has resulted in costs of up to $1 trillion in lost productivity for the global economy.

Jan8th, 2019

Preparing your learning strategy for Gen Z

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The fascination with Millennials is over. It’s time for organizations to turn their attention to a new generation entering the work force – Generation Z, also known as Gen Z.  According to Monster, this cohort will account for 20% of the global workforce by 2020.

Dec21st, 2018

Three Trends Making Modern Learning Cultures A Business Necessity

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We've arrived at a new economy. Just as the Industrial Revolution fundamentally changed how business was done, the digital transformation is doing the same. But in this new era, an organization's biggest advantage is not its technology. In fact, contrary to dystopian suggestions that artificial intelligence and machine learning will leave humans out in the cold, the forces shifting today’s business landscape call for an even greater focus on human skills.

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