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At Speexx, we are more than 130 people who share a goal to bring the best online language learning experience to users in large organizations worldwide. We are proud to help millions of people understand each other better every day. If you have a passion for languages, cutting-edge learning technology and the future of education, the Speexx Exchange blog is for you.

Sep21st, 2018

Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace

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Technology and globalization are the driving forces shaping many companies, and diversity and inclusion are next in line as today’s workforce demands more social enterprises. At Speexx, we value our diverse richness, so every year our team comes together for Diversity Day to celebrate what makes each of us unique.

Aug22nd, 2018

Is AI the Future of Hiring?

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New, highly-advanced technology is being developed every day. We’ve already seen self-driving cars and virtual assistants (“Alexa, what’s the weather forecast?”), and as artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more and more prominent, we can expect our work environments and processes to change, too.

Aug9th, 2018

A User-Centric Approach to Learning

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Interview with Andreas Urban, Director of Services at Speexx - Digital transformation has radically changed the way training is perceived by employees. Once "a pain point", it has now become a necessity to guarantee employability. Modern learners are hungry for knowledge and take power over their learning paths. But how can we make them happy?

Jul27th, 2018

Success Metrics: How to Measure if Your L&D Programs are Working

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Success can be a perplexing concept at times. Every company strives for it, sure, but it’s not always clear what “success” really looks like. When can a program or initiative truly be described as successful? In order to measure it properly, it’s necessary to first define what the term means within your company’s context.

Jun15th, 2018

Learning and Training – for Success

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Apart from keeping your job as an L&D professional, what does ‘success’ in L&D mean? How do you achieve it – and how do know when you’ve achieved it? Along with L&D professionals being put under increasing pressure to ‘perform’ by senior managers, the growth in the use of technology – both as learning delivery media and in business operational terms – is changing both the workplace and the human perspectives within it.

May30th, 2018

Think Before You Speak: Why it Matters – Communications Learning

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Organizations with a strong learning culture feature high up in Bersin By Deloitte’s Talent Management Maturity model. These more mature organizations generate 2.3 times more cash flow per employee and 1.4 times more revenue – and rate themselves 170% better at innovation. But what impact might better communications –both internal communications and external-facing corporate communications– have on global organizations?

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