LMS Adoption

Fast-Track LXP and LMS Adoption

For large organizations worldwide, Speexx language and business coaching is the secret to fast-track LXP- and LMS adoption and tech integration.

Use the super-personalized Speexx Coaching™ platform with AI-powered needs assessment to onboard thousands of LMS or LXP users in just a few days.

Language Needs Assessment with Speexx

What’s an LMS Without Users?

It´s like a very expensive bookshelf. Without books. Pretty useless.

Speexx uses super-personalized language and business coaching, micro-learning content and skills assessments to help you drive LXP and LMS adoption rates or engagement with your corporate academy within just a few days. Did we mention our 98%+ user satisfaction rate?

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Drive LMS Adoption Rates With Speexx

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