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At Speexx, we are more than 200 people who share a goal to bring the best online language learning experience to users in large organizations worldwide. We are proud to help millions of people understand each other better every day. If you have a passion for languages, cutting-edge learning technology and the future of education, the Speexx Exchange blog is for you.

Apr22nd, 2020

Humanizing Online Learning Platforms

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Companies are using technology, both online learning platforms and more informal collaboration and learning tools, more than ever before. In today’s changed world, digital learning and online learning platforms have a real chance to prove their worth and deliver measurable business value. This gives HR and L&D professionals a role to play in creating an effective digital learning environment, by helping their workforce maximize technology.

Apr8th, 2020

Learning from home: Lessons from Speexx

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In just a matter of weeks, much of the world has been forced to stay home and therefore transition to working remotely. Students, too, are having to comply with risk-control decisions, requiring millions worldwide shift to learning from home, finishing semesters via virtual classrooms.

Apr6th, 2020

5 Lessons on working remotely

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Working remotely offers many benefits, but comes with many challenges. Read on about the 5 lessons on working remotely to hear how our colleagues in China and Italy mastered the art of remote work.

Mar23rd, 2020

How to successfully manage remote teams

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Most organizations have transitioned to all-remote workforces in recent weeks. Aside from being officially mandated these days, working from home offers many benefits: More flexibility, no time spent in unpleasant commutes, and extra hours for family time, to name a few.

Mar12th, 2020

The Best Tools for a Remote Work Environment

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Even before the coronavirus reared its ugly head, two-thirds of the workforce already worked from home. The introduction of COVID-19, however, has accelerated this move toward a largely remote workforce, and organizations are finding that truly mastering digital collaboration and maintaining company productivity can be tricky.

Mar10th, 2020

Changes to the CEFR Framework

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Recent changes to the CEFR Framework are now markedly addressing the difference between “plurilingual” versus “multilingual” concepts. We discuss the idea that language influences identity and talk more about language ability and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the most widely used and recognized language standard and proficiency scale worldwide.

Feb27th, 2020

The Power of Collaborative Learning Methods

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Ranked consecutively since 2015 among the top four anticipated hot trends for L&D, employees and organizations can benefit from the power of collaborative learning and social learning methods, a core element to many modern learning strategies in the digital learning landscape. Whether it's a single employee engaged in personalized learning, or an entire cohort of new hires embarking on a new learning journey together - use of social and collaborative learning methods are enriching learning experiences around the globe. Read on to find out how your team can benefit from social and collaborative learning methods.

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