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Episode 26
Making a Case for a Real L&D Department

Learn from two highly successful experts why a real Learning and Development department is the best choice for a business. Malene Engelbrecht Schau, Head of Wind University at Siemens Gamesa and Lisbeth Andersen, Global Head of Learning Operation at Siemens Gamesa sit down with Donald Taylor to talk about the importance of Learning and Development in general, why L&D should not be outsourced and what other businesses can learn from their experience in an environment where security is a particularly important factor for the team.
Starting from inside the Sales team Malene Engelbrecht Schau and Lisbeth Andersen have created an impressive and effective L&D department that is not only appreciated by the team but also highly approved by the business’ leaders.

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Episode 25

Speexx Exchange Podcast:
Doug Belshaw

Do you know your way around badges and credentials? Or, are you like most people and struggle with the terminology and what achievements they actually recognize? Listen to this episode for an entertaining deep dive into the topic of badges and credentials, as Donald Taylor sits down with Dr. Doug Belshaw to discuss the importance, various fields of application, and actual value of badges and credentials. Some highlights include Dr. Belshaw addressing the question of credibility and verification of credentials, the difference between badges and credentials, and the motivation and value of a badge. How will hierarchy be influenced by badges and credentials in the future? Listen to hear more on this fascinating topic!

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Episode 24

Speexx Exchange Podcast:
Michael Osborne

How important is accessibility to you and your company? Probably not too much. But that is about to change. Michael Osborne, a user-experience-driven developer focusing on accessibility who recently took on his new role at Upskill Digital as a Learning Experience Designer, sits down with Donald Taylor, the host of the Speexx Exchange Podcast to discuss the importance of accessibility in L&D. Find out why it is vital to make accessibility a priority instead of an add-on and why it benefits everyone. Listen in and learn from the expert!

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Episode 23

Speexx Exchange Podcast:
Stefaan van Hooydonk

Are you focused on efficiency, or are you focused on effectiveness? Founder of the Global Curiosity Institute (and former CLO for Cognizant) Stefaan van Hooydonk, a well-known educator, strategist, innovator, and consultant, sits down with Donald Taylor to discuss this and other pertinent inquiries for the Speexx Exchange podcast. As someone who oversaw the learning of over 300,000 people at Cognizant, Stefaan shares his thoughts on learning generosity, and insights on how to best magnify the voices of every single person within an organization.

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Episode 22

Speexx Exchange Podcast:
Greg Detre

We’re in “the age of the centaur,” where the best teams (like the mythological centaur – half man, half horse) are made up of two parts: part human, part machine. Data consultant and former Channel 4 Chief Data Scientist, Greg Detre, speaks with Donald about the interchange between people and machines, starting with the identification and recognition of skills. From there, they discuss how to trim these insights down to a manageable set of resources (akin to data visualization) and make teams more efficient and effective in the workplace.

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