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The Neuroscience of Learning | e-book

Continuous learning is a challenge and new discoveries in brain research are helping to make learning efforts more effective. On-the-job training and further education can, therefore, be made more diverse and personalized. Neuroscience explores the subject of a different type of education in the digital age, to help companies adapt to the changing world.

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mental health

Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health is often a tabu topic in the work environment. However, HR professionals need to drive the conversation and support employees dealing with burnout, anxiety, decreased productivity or depression. Download this e-book and learn how to create a healthy work environment!

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Engaging a Diverse Workforce

The modern workforce brings together Millennials, BabyBoomers and more recently, even Gen Z. This e-book will help you understand the different needs of various generations and cultures within your teams. Get practical tips on how to effectively deliver learning to your diverse workforce.

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human factor

The Human Factor in Digital Transformation

In a technology-driven workforce, establishing human-shaped priorities is key for HR and L&D professionals. Technology’s effect on the global workforce is causing a reskilling revolution, and businesses need to rethink how humans and AI work together.

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The Social HR Enterprise

The demand for corporate responsibility is rising worldwide. Learn how to transform your business into a social enterprise and satisfy the needs of today’s demanding workforce, prepare for organizational change, and embrace technology without neglecting people.

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Managing Diverse Teams

Get expert advice on developing an effective digital learning strategy, transforming corporate communication and measuring the results of soft skills development in the workforce.

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Overcome the Forgetting Curve

Many companies struggle to capture the attention of distracted learners. Learn how modern and unique learning methods, such as Gamification and Microlearning, can drive employee satisfaction and meet your business objectives.

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Learning Trends 2019

Based on the results of the annual Speexx Exchange Survey, research conducted with over 700 HR and L&D professionals from across the world, as well as during the live polling sessions of Speexx Exchange Berlin.

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5 Learning Outcomes

This Infographic contains the “holy grail” of learning outcomes: a set of benefits and objectives reflecting a top performing learning culture. Only 1 in 5 organizations are achieving this.

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ROI in Learning

According to the Speexx Exchange survey, HR and L&D professionals have a clear idea of how to define the measurable benefits of training programs. Learn how to define a KPIs & ROI framework that works for your organization.

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Top 10 Learning Technologies

What learning technologies do top companies use to get their employees engaged with their L&D programs? Download the infographic and see if your organization is up to date when it comes to the best technologies for learning. 

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Mobile Corporate Learning

What is still hampering the implementation of mobile and blended learning? Download this infographic to get an overview of the results of the Speexx Exchange survey conducted among top HR and L&D leaders.

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Strong Employer Branding

A strong employer brand helps you attract and retain talent in your organization. How can you engage your employees with your employer branding strategy and what steps should you take to optimize recruiting and training?

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The L&D Skills Gap

Download this infographic and find out the what the results of the Towards Maturity benchmark. How large is the gap between vision and reality and what skills do L&D professionals need to urgently improve?

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6 HR and L&D Goals

After attending some of the most important talent management events across Europe, Speexx has put together an exclusive infographic about digital transformation and the key HR and L&D goals.

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Der digitale Wandel als Konstante in der Weiterbildung

Developing Business Agility to Respond to Change

Organizations in all sectors and vertical markets are experiencing a period of rapid change. Factors ranging from Brexit to global trade agreements and international politics are having a major impact on most marketplaces.

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Personalized & Flexible Learning

Personalized learning is becoming the backbone of modern businesses. Download this whitepaper and learn how AI and technology-driven L&D adds value as a strategic tool for greater business agility and talent retention.

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Aligning HR and L&D with Business Goals

HR and L&D professionals play a key role in building a stable and engaged workforce equipped to respond to shifting business priorities. Download this whitepaper and learn how to better align HR and L&D with your business objectives.

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design thinking whitepaper

Design Thinking in HR and L&D

Discover how adopting a user-centric approach and focusing on employee experience can help drive engagement and success in your HR strategy and L&D programs.

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user centric design

Think User Centric! 

Digital transformation has radically changed the way training is perceived by employees. L&D professionals need to adapt their strategies and implement the new, emerging trends such as user-centric learning.

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Obtaining Success in Learning

The key to addressing HR and L&D challenges successfully lies with maximizing learning technology to drive a self-directed learning culture, with a focus on soft skills. Find key insights on how to drive learning success.

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training measurement

How to Master Measurement

Learn effective ways to construct training measurement and evaluate the impact of your L&D program. Providing employees with professional development opportunities builds an effective workforce and a motivated corporate culture.

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Strategic HR & Management

The results of the annual Speexx Exchange Survey show that even in mature multinationals, there is still a considerable gap between L&D and corporate goals. Download this white paper and learn how to correctly manage your HR and L&D strategy in order to maximize the value of your cloud-based learning solutions and underpin your organization’s strategic objectives. 

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Navigating GDPR in L&D

As data protection regulations are being standardized across the European Union, companies looking to implement digital learning solutions and cloud-based employee performance analytics on a global level are likely to hit the issue of data protection head-on. This paper offers HR and L&D professionals some guidelines for dealing with this challenge effectively.

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The Modern Era of Hiring

This white paper will help you find the key to successful recruiting in the era of Digital Transformation. You will get an in-depth look at the characteristics of the modern workplace, insights into what matters most to today’s employees, as well as a series of practical tips on how to build a strong company and branding culture.

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Global Talent Management

Based on a survey of 230 global organizations, representing over 1.6 million employee, this report examines the shift towards cloud-based learning environments and addresses the need for a global communications strategy.

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Speexx Whitepaper: The promise of virtual learning

The Promise of Virtual Learning

As we analyze the results of the Speexx Exchange survey, we see that organizations are maturing rapidly. HR and L&D professionals play a key role when it comes to driving their organization towards a mature learning environment. Find five practical recommendations for a sustainable learning culture in your organization.

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Speexx Whitepaper: The rise of the international team

The Rise of International Teams

The need for better employee engagement and productivity has become pressing in an international marketplace. Forward-thinking organizations are responding to this by structuring themselves in a more responsive and flexible way. Learn more about the appeal of virtual teams and practical tips on how to manage them.

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Making the Case for Blended Learning

Blended learning – the combination of teacher-led and technology-based instruction – has gained tremendous momentum in corporate training in recent years. This paper explores how to get the perfect blend for your organization, how blended learning drives ROI and user benefits and what you need to do to kick-start your blended project.

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Big Data and Talent Mobility to Drive Business

The world of work is being revolutionized more rapidly than ever. Globalisation, a 24×7 work environment and pervasive technology, coupled with demand for greater transparency, are transforming the modern workplace. If businesses are to grow and innovate, they need to manage these changes effectively.

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Online Communication Skills Training 

Diversity and inclusion crucial for success in today’s globalized business world. How can organizations truly embrace a culture of inclusion and boost cross-border communication?

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Business Agility through Workforce Communication

In 2014, workforces are increasingly multinational. Enterprises powered by globally accessible systems, now work across borders and time zones and the need to empower employees with specialised communication skills becomes more crucial than ever before.

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Managing Top Talent – A Call for Better Communications

Effective communication skills are key to finding, managing and retaining talent across any multinational organisation. To develop a cohesive workforce and create a global talent pool of future leaders, HR needs to come up with a solid communications strategy.

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Empowering Communication – What’s in it for the bottom line?

This white paper highlights the trends shaping the implementation of learning technologies in the workplace and the impact they are likely to have on business efficiency, profitability and growth.

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HR and L&D Priorities part II

High-level workforce communication skills have a direct impact on the bottom line as employees across the world communicate effectively with each other, suppliers and with customers. In part 2 of a two-part whitepaper, we further evaluate some of the key goals for HR and L&D, focusing on communication skills, mobile and blended learning.

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HR and L&D Priorities part I

Big Data, i.e. using learner data to hone personalized, effective learning, will play a key part in meeting these objectives. In Part One of a two-part white paper, we set out some of the key goals for HR and L&D leaders in, as revealed by the Speexx Exchange Survey and make practical recommendations on how to achieve these goals using Big Data.

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Technology and Workforce Learning Needs

For many companies looking to expand their operations and revenue streams, multilingual communication is an asset across all activities, not just for sales and marketing.

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On-Demand Webinars

Speexx Webinars Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Enables User-Centric L&D

In this webinar hosted together with Docebo, we discuss how Digital Transformation enables a user-centric approach to L&D, what is the potential it brings to learning and how to implement these concepts in your strategy.

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Building Engaging Learning Experiences

Microlearning offers a valuable solution to impact learning retention and learner motivation. In this masterclass webinar you will learn how to make your L&D efforts drive organizational culture and employee engagement.

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Speexx Webinars for HR

Global Human Capital Trends

In this webinar, you will learn which crucial changes in the HR landscape highlighted by global thought leaders you should pay attention to, practical insights through real business cases that reflect the top global human capital trends and best practices from global HR and L&D peers.

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Speexx Webinars for HR

HR Trends vs. Reality

Learn which crucial changes in the HR landscape highlighted by global thought leaders you should pay attention to, practical insights through real business cases that reflect the top global human capital trends and best practices from global HR and L&D peers.

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GDPR for HR and L&D

How do the General Data Protection Regulations impact HR and L&D departments? What do you need to know and how can you make sure your organization is fully compliant?

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Trends Shaping Tomorrow’s Work and Workplaces

A recent customer survey by the corporate executive education specialist, Headspring, has revealed six major learning technology-fuelled trends that are changing the world of work and business communications. Read on to discover six trends shaping tomorrow's work and workplaces.

By |September 12th, 2019|

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