Employer Branding

Invest In People and Boost Your Employer Branding

Cultivate a culture of continuous learning and position your company as the ‘employer of choice’ with Speexx’s multi-faceted digital coaching platform. Use Speexx to raise the profile of your employee branding by showing you are invested in personal development and career growth.

Language Needs Assessment with Speexx

Is Your L&D Ready for the Hybrid Workplace?

The new workforce – from Millenials to Gen Z – wants to learn and grow. Therefore, it’s crucial to make your HR and L&D part of your employer value proposition and branding strategy. Attract, retain and develop exceptional talent at scale. Show you are invested in personal development and career growth. Create an environment for continuous learning and support your workforce with a modern coaching and development strategy.

Drive Employer Branding with HR and L&D

People Want to Deal With People

Diversity and inclusion in an international environment are top of mind for the new workforce. The Speexx platform will help you support equal opportunity and diversity with needs assessment, language and business coaching at a global level. Watch virtual and on-site teams align. Lay the foundation for international communication and inclusive cross border teams without any obstacles. Use Speexx to boost your employer brand with HR and L&D.

Getting started is easy: Run a needs and goal assessment for all your people and applicants with Speexx Essentials.