Expert Webinar

Social is the New Learning

Employee Engagement Experiences at Zurich Insurance Italy & Ekip Reply

Social learning as the employees’ practice of creating, structuring, and organizing learning is on the rise. More and more organizations recognize the benefits of engaging employees in a community of learners to promote key organizational values through the voice of their employees. But what is exactly social learning? And how can such a practice be implemented in a complex international reality?

October 20, 2022

11:00 am – 12:00 pm

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The Speakers

Gasser Aly
Gasser AlyLearning & Development Innovator
Pietro Talarico
Pietro TalaricoManager Learning & Change Management
Marco Iusco
Marco IuscoConsultant - Learning & Change Management

Social is the new learning

In this webinar, we’ll explore why and how social learning can be structured and used to promote a culture of (continuous) learning and motivate people by making them feel engaged within the workplace. Starting from the experience of Gasser Aly, Pietro Talarico, and Marco Iusco, we’ll learn what is needed to put a platform in place and make it work through concrete examples of social learning communities within Zurich, Ekip, and Reply organizational realities. We’ll also get to know the Community Young of Zurich, Italy, as a virtuous example of a social learning platform. Join us to learn more about social learning and how it can help your organization foster a culture of learning and employee engagement!

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