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One of the great things about working in e-learning is getting to meet your customers face to face and hearing how your solution has made their life easier. We recently met with Ursula Hostettler of Mobiliar, Switzerland’s oldest private insurance company, to talk about the benefits of blended learning for training her staff in English, German, French and Italian. Watch the video here:


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What Mobiliar says about blended learning with Speexx

“We have contacts and partners abroad, for example, we’re a member of Eurapco, which is an alliance of different insurance providers, such as Gothaer in Germany or Covea in France. They’re insurance companies that collaborate on an international level. They work together to analyse potential new risks and threats such as terrorism or climate change. This allows them to exchange new ideas about how to deal with these issues and develop new business models.

Switzerland is unique in the sense that we’re a multilingual country. Our company is headquartered in German-speaking Switzerland, in Bern, but we have a second main office in Nyon, which is in French-speaking Switzerland. So here we’re already dealing with people who speak German and French and need to be able to communicate with each other. Furthermore, we have about 80 independent general agencies which receive guidance and products from our headquarters. But then they work locally and regionally. Then there’s another quite funny situation in the Canton of Wallis, where our staff and agency members need to learn English. Why? Because a lot of English people spend their holidays here! On top of English, French and German, there’s also a demand for Italian, of course, since we have an Italian-speaking Canton as well. So in order for these people to work together internally, they need to have the right language skills.

For some time, our employees had been asking for a learning solution that would allow them to study languages independently, not in a classic language school setting. For example, we sometimes have whole departments asking for specific courses, but then it turns out there aren’t enough people of the same skill level to get a whole class together. So we had a look around and found that blended learning might be worth a try. That’s when we came across Speexx and started a pilot project with 50 people. I really value Speexx as a flexible, personable and competent partner. You can call them anytime, explaining your needs and the blended learning solutions are delivered very quickly and unbureaucratically, and most importantly, in a useful way. We also find the prices very reasonable. Finally, what’s important to us is that our employees really enjoy learning languages with Speexx. So it’s a really elaborate and diverse blended learning solution.”