Top Traits Speexx Channel Partners Have in Common

Our mission at Speexx is to empower communication. We are an intelligent language learning platform, combining assessment, learning and continuous performance support. We want to help international corporations – who have global workforces – assess, build, grow and maintain language skills that matter.

Despite our mission to improve communication skills across borders, we know that there are times when we can’t do everything alone. That’s where our Channel Partners come into play.

If you value effective communication and you’re interested in becoming a Speexx Channel Partner, keep on reading to learn what top qualities our successful Channel Partners have in common.

speexx channel partners experienced in digital learning

1. They are leaders or experts in business training and assessment

We take pride in what we do, and work tirelessly to exceed expectations. While as a potential partner, you don’t necessarily need to be a household name, we seek to work with companies that have demonstrated tremendous success in the human capital management space. For some, this comes with many years of experience, though we know that newer organizations can also make great partners, especially if they’re at the frontline of many new technologies (but we’ll get to that later!).

Indeed, we hope to partner with the biggest and best names in assessment, training and continuous performance support. We’re looking to align ourselves with learning leaders who produce high quality resources for recruitment and professional development. We’ll want those who can help us in our vision to create intelligent, online solutions for the digital workplace, to best assist corporate users around the world in meeting their business goals.

2. They are early adopters

We’re in the business of helping companies with their digital transformation process. As such, we look for partners who are already tech-enabled industry leaders and willing to embrace cutting-edge technologies. We promise customer rollout – full integration into all HR systems, globally – within 24 hours and are keen on working with partners, who share the same mindset. We believe in technology as an enabler and look for partners who as ourselves want to stay ahead of the curve.

channel partners provide local support

3. They provide dedicated support

Like our partners, we want our customers to achieve success. We’re fanatical about supporting our customers – whether they’re individual, end-user employees, L&D decision-makers overseeing new training programs within their organization, or LMS administrators.

Despite a global presence of Speexx, we look for partners who can customize services, offerings and business strategies to best fit a specific place, understanding diversity of thought, communication preferences and values. What works in one region might not be appropriate in another.

Our partners typically represent Speexx in a given geography (be it a country, or a specific part of a country) or within a given vertical or industry.

speexx channel partners are socially conscious

4. They are socially conscious

We are on a mission to help educate the world, in order to enable better communication; as such, we want a partner who is motivated by their business goals, while being ethically responsible and aware.

Many of our partner organizations have missions based on giving back to society in some way. We work alongside many NGOs, comprising people who genuinely want to leave the world in a better state than which they found it. While effective communication is something we value, we also prioritize giving back – supporting the causes the Speexx family cares about.

5. They are recognized

By doing what we do best – providing recognized excellence in learning and continuing education opportunities, expertise in HR, L&D and talent management – we are committed to being a reliable partner.

We speak the same business and technology language as our customers and want our partners to do the same.

Ready to join us? Drop us a line and let’s have a conversation!