Strengthening Leadership: Corporate Language Training for Executives

Strengthening Leadership

Many executives have difficulty finding time to spend on language training. If they travel frequently or meet with investors and stakeholders, it may be impossible for them to attend regular classroom sessions. That is why Speexx has developed a specific learning module for executives – corporate language training designed with their particular needs in mind. Modern Blended Learning techniques can adapt to a busy executive’s specific requirements and schedule while strengthening leadership through improved communication.

Before committing to a course of study, however, executives need to decide whether language training is worth the time commitment. They must consider the benefits of executive training, from inspiring the team to opening up new career opportunities. Below are some positive results corporate language training can produce.

executives leading by example

The power of leading by example

Whether you lead a team that uses specific language skills or values training in general, a leader who is committed to learning inspires confidence and trust. There may be no better way to motivate the team than leading by example. Though this particular quality can be quite hard to measure, there’s no denying that leaders’ behaviors have a significant impact on the way the rest of the team perceives their organization.

Consider the example of a CEO demonstrating her willingness to learn Spanish in order to communicate better with her largely Hispanic workforce. She can not only inspire, but also demand more from her team by setting the bar high for self-improvement. Likewise, her commitment will signal to her employees that she doesn’t only encourage others to participate in language training, but also takes her own advice. This is the perfect opportunity for strengthening leadership skills and improving team communication.

If a busy executive can take the time to learn, there can be no excuse for anyone else to shy away from developing a new skill. It directly demonstrates that language training is a valuable asset for any employee, and that those who commit to learning can expect more opportunities to open up for them down the line.

strengthening leadership

Accessing new markets and opportunities

Beyond the immediate effect of inspiring and building trust with the team, there are often tangible benefits for executives who are skilled in multiple languages. Language training can provide additional insights into a target market by opening up previously overlooked cultural factors. It can also offer a clearer path of communication with key clients and partners in the region. Even showing a little bit of skill in the target language to clients opens up avenues to impress and engage.

Moreover, any language training is an opportunity to expand a personal skill set that can come in handy for your career overall. There is no reason to stall your own personal professional development after becoming an executive.

In fact, executives who are committed to learning have been proven to be more effective. In 2015, a study on Harvard Business Publishing listed the eight traits of effective leaders, including learning agility. Leaders who were proactively seeking opportunities to learn found more innovative ways to experiment, solve problems and learn from their failures as well as successes.

Key takeaways on how to strengthen leadership

If you’re looking for ways to strengthen leadership and communication for your team, the Speexx for Executives program provides the perfect solution. A little extra learning can go a long way towards producing a more effective team and building better relationships with customers, and it may help develop personal opportunities as well.

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