Speexx Essentials and Microsoft

When Speexx was selected among 10 top-emerging companies from Europe and the US to kick-start their partnership with Microsoft ScaleUp with innovations in AI in the Microsoft ScaleUp program, one of the most persuasive reasons was Speexx Essentials.

Speexx Essentials is a language platform designed for testing language skills. It allows you to screen and assess the language skills of applicants and current employees in your entire workforce, helping you to actively decide who in your organization might need specific types of language training.

Essentials can be a different solution for every single customer because the needs of each organization may vary. It is now being used by many different organizations to fit different business needs such as needs assessment at scale, strategic budget allocation, reducing training admin costs, increasing LMS attractiveness, boosting employer branding, and driving digital transformation.

On this last topic – driving digital transformation – Speexx is leveraging Microsoft technology and tools, such as Microsoft Azure and the Power BI tool through its partnership with Microsoft ScaleUp and moving forward with innovations in AI. Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology, and its innovative approach to business, is at the core of digital transformation as the company is constantly developing itself further and supporting other organizations on the journey of re-envisioning business models and developing new ways of using technology to bring together people, data, and processes to create intelligent systems disrupting entire industries.

speexx essentials and microsoft technology

Making a difference through Essentials

When it comes to personalized learning, we use artificial intelligence to help users within your organization prioritize the right content and learning strategy at the exact moment of need – as well as to match these individual learning needs and overall business objectives to the budget you have, giving you the best ROI on your training or L&D budgets.

What we often see is that customers first purchase an LMS and then forget about prioritizing relevant and engaging content to attract their employees. Learning must first be personalized in order to provide each employee with content truly specific to them, to better maintain their interest and therefore more likely help them reach their personal development goals. For one of our customers in Italy, the adoption of their new LMS was a huge challenge. With Speexx Essentials, our customer got 20% of their workforce signing up on the LMS in the first weeks, this translating roughly to over 10.000 new users. 

We’ve also seen that Essentials is an effective way to make an organization’s LMS more attractive and drive employer branding – one successful example is how an international renewable energy company uses Speexx Essentials to drive adoption of their LMS. Language training appeals to many, and within four weeks of rolling out Essentials, 20% of its workforce was onboard with the LMS – helping to drive user adoption of the company’s learning platform throughout the organization. Language training offerings also make an organization an attractive place to work: By showing commitment to the personal development of its employees, the company was able to boost employer branding.

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Speexx Essentials can also help to reduce training admin costs by eliminating the need for manual assessment, manual registration and license administration, and the manual consolidation of training progress reporting. Speexx automation allows you to focus on strategic management and save time and resources with centralized training admin services. For example, during our work with leading Swiss bank’s HR and L&D, helping the team to focus on strategic support of the business, training administration costs have gone down by 75% with Speexx Essentials. 

In other cases, businesses are interested in using Essentials to be more strategic when it comes to allocating their training budget. It helps organizations making data driven decisions based on the needs of the individual user, rather than spending money on a one-size-fits-all solution where every employee receives the same learning content and undergoes the same learning journey. Training budgets are typically not open ended, so you want to ensure you invest in users with a real business need and offer relevant learning content to them. We now have customers that give all their employees the basic Essentials platform and then adjust the learning journey based on the true needs of individual employees. By monitoring the learning journeys of your employees over time, you can adjust accordingly, and your budget is used more effectively.

How it works

Regardless of the business needs of your organization, Speexx Essentials also allows you to grow user engagement within your company and improve corporate communication. It’s also cross-platform, so employees can do their trainings on the devices of their choice (PC, Mac, Android, iOS and LINUX) and pick up their training wherever they previously left off, regardless of which device they are on. Speexx’ AI provides you with automated learning data, so you’re able to constantly align your training budget with real-time business needs; and Speexx regularly and reliably reports analytics and insights allowing you to track progress and identify learning gaps.

We’ll also handle the roll-out for you – Speexx Essentials can be integrated into all HR systems, globally, and within 24 hours. Sounds interesting? Send us a message and let’s start talking.