Driving Digital Transformation with Microsoft ScaleUp

Speexx has been selected among the 10 top-emerging companies from Europe and the US to kick-start their partnership with Microsoft ScaleUp with innovations in AI, being given a great vote of confidence from one of the leading companies in the area of digital innovation and transformation.

Microsoft ScaleUp – A Program for Digital Innovation

With its cutting-edge, disruptive technology as well as an innovative approach to business,  Microsoft has always been at the core of digital transformation, not only constantly developing itself, but also supporting other companies in their journeys of re-envisioning business models and developing new ways of bringing together people, data, and processes to create systems of intelligence that disrupt entire industries.

“The promise of technology is to help us get more done, with less effort,” says Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, a belief that is also reflected in the Microsoft solutions, as well as its ScaleUp program (formerly known as Microsoft Accelerator), offering support to elite companies who complement and leverage the transition to cloud solutions and a digital-first world, enabling people from all layers of society to benefit from progress and advantages of a digital society.

Microsoft Selects the Top 10 Companies

Every year, Microsoft selects the top 10 companies to enter ScaleUp, an immersive program providing sales, marketing and technical support for qualified startups. Being given a great vote of confidence, Speexx has been selected among the 10 top-emerging companies from Europe and the US to kick-start their partnership with Microsoft ScaleUp.

Download the press release on Speexx joining the Microsoft ScaleUp program.

The selection criteria for the top 10 list includes leading technology, product traction, solid revenue and outstanding growth potential. Also, what these companies have in common is that they are Business-to-Business tech-startups and series B-ready. Microsoft subject matter experts will support software development in the Speexx key fields of speech recognition, data science and AI.

The Microsoft ScaleUp Vote of Confidence

For Speexx, being included in the ScaleUp program is the latest recognition of its uniquely innovative approach to changing the way global corporations empower workforce communication across borders. For its global corporate customers, Speexx uses AI to identify and provide the right language training and continuous performance support at scale – unlike other solutions that are applying traditional training methods without detailed data-driven insights into user and corporate needs.

“We are electrified to be part of this great initiative. This is a milestone for Speexx and it is so encouraging to see our vision shared by a company and people who develop technology that has changed the world. Microsoft clearly understands the enormous benefits that our technology can bring to their customers and corporate language learners from all over the planet.” – Jörg Koberling,CEO of Speexx.

The Innovation Engine of the Economy

“Startups are the innovation engine of the economy and help established companies develop intelligent solutions that can face the challenges of digitalization. The advanced products and services of the selected companies show the potential that technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) already have – they provide smarter insights, automate routine tasks and revolutionize processes and business models. This creates a threefold win situation for all: founders, customers and us,” says Iskender Dirik, Managing Director of Microsoft ScaleUp Berlin.

Turning Startups into Scaling Businesses

Microsoft ScaleUp, formerly known as Microsoft Accelerator, is a four-month intensive program for later-stage tech startups. The goal is to support them in their transition from founder to entrepreneur, to scale their mature business and technology through co-selling, access to an international distribution and partner network and cloud platform.

Microsoft ScaleUp 2018 launched in Berlin with ten later-stage startups from Europe and the US. The young companies offer technological innovations from logistics to precision engineering and data analysis. As part of the four-month program, they continue to develop their growth strategy with the help of experienced coaches. Microsoft will provide $500 million worldwide for the next two years to help founders expand through co-selling and access to Microsoft’s international sales and partner network and the Azure cloud platform. With the help of experienced coaches and experts, participants develop their individual strategy in the areas of sales, negotiation, talent development and communication.

Microsoft ScaleUp is located in eight cities worldwide: Bangalore, Beijing, London, Seattle, Shanghai, Sydney, Tel Aviv and Berlin.  Microsoft’s activities in the field of entrepreneurship are part of the “Digitization for All” initiative. In this context and on the basis of digital security, Microsoft is committed to ensuring that all people benefit from the progress and opportunities of a digital society.

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