Meet Mohaned!

This project is part of the global Million Chances project. 

We recently spoke with Mohaned from Libya, who has just completed his first Speexx Tutor course in English. The 6-month course was provided to him as part the Libyan Red Crescent’s collaboration with DisasterReady and Speexx. Together with DisasterReady, we have enabled thousands of volunteers from charities around the world to improve their language skills online. As a result, they communicate better with those in need, making their work quicker and more efficient. Mohaned is one of these volunteers – he loves learning English with Speexx and is highly motivated to continue. Here’s what he has to say.

Tell me about yourself

I’m Mohaned, I’m 30 years old and I come from Tripoli, Libya. I’m a Project Planner at an Electromechanical Services company, and I also work as a volunteer with the Libyan Red Crescent. This is where I first learned about Speexx. My mother tongue is Arabic.

Why do you need to learn English?

For two reasons. First of all, English is the most commonly used language among all people! In my daily life, I face many challenges, especially when I travel or work. So sometimes I work with people from a different country, and we need to use English as the common language. Second, for using technology like the internet or while working with a computer in general, I need to have a good level of English. Sometimes I join online courses to benefit my career and these are often in English, too.

Here in Libya, the English language not very popular in the street. However, at work, the situation is totally different, and I found it very difficult to communicate with people before because I didn’t speak enough English.

What do you like most about learning with Speexx?

Speexx is an amazing language platform. It gave me something that I couldn’t find elsewhere. For example flexibility – I can study when I have free time, or when I come back home. I can use it when I travel from one city to another. Especially during these difficult days with the unstable situation in Libya, I could not travel abroad to study English, or even attend normal classes. The portal is amazing, I think it’s very rich in knowledge, and I do not feel bored like I have done with other software. It’s also really interactive, like when I try to test my pronunciation, or test my understanding and get immediate feedback. I aim to continue to the next levels!

What do you hope to achieve with Speexx?

To be honest, I’ve become a bit of a “Speexx addict” on this course. I felt my life was on hold for a while when I was not able to use it. Speexx will definitely reflect in my career, and my life in general. As part of my volunteer work with the Libyan Red Crescent, Speexx will help me to communicate well with people from other countries. I think the simplest answer is that Speexx will give me a better life.

Thank you Mohaned!

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