‘Let’s COOK’ Recap

At Speexx, we know a thing or two about online language training and business communication for organizations. But recently, we’ve also been turning into specialists for combining cooking delicious food and exchanging conversations, thanks to our Let’s COOK Together event, which happened in Madrid last week.

So on 17th November, we got together for a wonderful afternoon with friends and clients of Speexx at Kitchen Club. Here, we discovered the world of spherification, liquid nitrogen and other new cooking techniques which the world’s most visionary chefs have brought into fashion.

A group of 20 people, we enjoyed a highly interactive event with lots of networking opportunities, followed by a cooking session guided by professional chefs. We created two aperitifs (spherification of olives and Ibero-Thai burritos) and a dessert (cheesecake foam, bizcocho and red fruits). Another spectacular highlight was watching the experts themselves work on the liquid nitrogen, which resulted in a tiny aperitif called “Blue Dragon” (which you exhale through your mouth and nose as white smoke while you eat!).

We love creating events where HR and learning professionals exchange can experiences and knowledge and build their contacts at the same time. All of this happens in an informal environment where people can relax, laugh, chat and network. See you very soon for the next event!

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