How the Exchange Community Tackles HR and L&D’s Biggest Challenges

An interview with Laura Overton, Founder and CEO at Towards Maturity.

Speexx Exchange is a peer exchange event which takes place every year at the beginning of December at the InterConti Hotel in Berlin. Laura Overton, the event host since 2011, has observed a strong evolution in how the Exchange Community is tackling their biggest challenges. The event is seen by many as an eye-opening and enriching experience full of learning, as well as the best opportunity to sit with other industry professionals and thought leaders paving the way for innovative changes in HR and Learning and Development.

How would you summarize Speexx Exchange?

Laura Overton: “People come to Speexx Exchange to solve their toughest problems – it’s the combination of great speakers and collaborative problem solving that makes this such a unique and practical event to attend. It’s an informative, fun and informal meeting. It’s not a sales-driven environment, which I believe many people in HR and L&D will appreciate.” – Laura also described the networking component of the program as a medium for moving beyond merely sharing practical ideas that work. “This is a great opportunity to leverage a network that is prepared to face real challenges together. I’d encourage people to come and experience what the Speexx Exchange is all about – the progression of people professions.”

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[fusion_youtube id=”” alignment=”center” width=”” height=”” autoplay=”false” api_params=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=””][/fusion_youtube] Laura Overton et al. in action at Speexx Exchange 2017.

Is there a Speexx Exchange topic or a speaker that has really made an impression with you more than others?

Laura Overton: “Each year the topics and speakers vary, but they are always interesting and informative. I still recall the session presented by Atish Gonsalves, Director at NGO titled, – Are you disaster-ready? Effective online training for humanitarian aid workers” in 2014. For me, this session was a real highlight. He explained how, despite the constraints of budget, technology and resources, you can create life-changing programs on a global scale. It was truly inspirational.” (Towards Maturity published a case study on the program here).

During his session, Gonsalves gave a deeper insight into how e-learning through the portal, is changing the world for the better. The Flagship project of Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation in partnership with the humanitarian sector and e-learning industry, is working together to successfully deliver training to humanitarian workers across the globe. The training portal allows users to access vital information which prepares them for natural disasters and conflicts arising on the job.

The portal has modernized the approach of face-to-face learning and is able to deliver resources to a range of users, regardless of their aid organization affiliations. ”Disaster response needs workers who have technical and soft skills, are emotionally well prepared and responsive to situations they find. It is important that workers have the means to share, seek advice and support one another regardless of their affiliations,” says Gonsalves.

What can participants expect as the main takeaway?

Laura Overton: “I believe everyone leaves the event with something valuable they can take back home and put into practice. And above all the enriching experiences you’ll have, you will gain inspirational ideas, practical solutions and new friends.”

Speexx Exchange is a full day of learning through informative and inspirational presentations given by industry professionals from all over, with the topics varying each year. There are also several interactive sessions throughout the day, which gives all participants the chance to get involved in important discussions and share their knowledge and experiences with one another. With new trends and technology constantly evolving in the world of business, it’s up to HR and L&D professionals to proactively bring new solutions to the table which enable people and technology to work together successfully.

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Laura Overton, CEO of Towards Maturity

Laura is the Founder and CEO of Towards Maturity – an independent, not-for-profit organisation that helps people professionals deliver improved performance through learning innovation. Since 2003, over 5,000 people professionals have used the Towards Maturity Benchmark to help them establish an effective technology-enabled learning culture.

Towards Maturity also conducts research directly with learners in the workplace with the Towards Maturity Learning Landscape Audit – helping L&D teams understand how staff learn what they need for their jobs. To date, over 23,000 learners have been involved in this research.

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