“The Exchange Community Solves Some Really Interesting Problems. It’s a Fantastic Event.”

An interview with Laura Overton, Founder and CEO at Towards Maturity.

Speexx Exchange takes place, every year at the beginning of December at the InterConti Hotel in Berlin. Laura Overton, who has moderated the Exchange since 2011, has observed a strong evolution in the quality of the discussions at this annual peer exchange. “People come to Speexx Exchange to solve their toughest problems – it’s the combination of great speakers and collaborative problem solving that makes this such a unique and practical event to attend.”

For those not familiar with Speexx Exchange, Laura describes the annual reality-check on learning and talent management practices as “an informative, fun and informal meeting. It’s not a sales-driven environment, which I believe many people in HR and L&D will appreciate.” She also describes the networking component of the program as a medium for moving beyond merely sharing practical ideas that work. “This is a great opportunity to leverage a network that is prepared to face real challenges together. I’d encourage people to come and experience what the Speexx Exchange is all about – the progression of people professions.”

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Laura Overton et al. in action at Speexx Exchange 2017.

When asked which speaker and topic impressed her most in any of the past Exchanges, Laura recalls the session presented by Atish Gonsalves, Director at NGO DisasterReady.org titled, “Are you disaster-ready? Effective online training for humanitarian aid workers” in 2014.

“For me, this session was a real highlight. He explained how, despite the constraints of budget, technology and resources, you can create life-changing programs on a global scale. It was truly inspirational.” (Towards Maturity published a case study on the program here).

Laura describes the main take-aways of Speexx Exchange: “You will gain inspirational ideas, practical solutions and new friends.”

Laura Overton, CEO of Towards Maturity

Laura is the Founder and CEO of Towards Maturity – an independent, not-for-profit organisation that helps people professionals deliver improved performance through learning innovation. Since 2003, over 5,000 people professionals have used the Towards Maturity Benchmark to help them establish an effective technology-enabled learning culture.

Towards Maturity also conducts research directly with learners in the workplace with the Towards Maturity Learning Landscape Audit – helping L&D teams understand how staff learn what they need for their jobs. To date, over 23,000 learners have been involved in this research.

Find out more: www.towardsmaturity.org/benchmark

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