Customized Learning – Why One Size Does NOT Fit All

A learning path is one of the most personal journeys a person can undertake and it’s strongly defined by the context and purpose in which it takes place.

For L&D managers the person should be front and center when designing training roadmaps for employees. In language training, the need to offer a personalized experience is even greater, as language is the way we express ourselves and our personalities. It is how we share knowledge and emotions with our peers. This is why a language training program should always pave the way for individuals to efficiently express themselves.

So how can L&D create a unique and successful journey for each learner?

1. Understand your learner audience

Especially when we observe the Modern Learner – “an individual characterised as impatient, easily distracted, with a thirst for learning, but at the same time overwhelmed and often overworked”, it becomes obvious that one size does not fit all. Know what your learner needs and understand what the job requires of him/her. This will open new opportunities for L&D to offer content that engages the learner. In turn it enables the leaner to apply the new insights directly to the daily tasks thus motivating the learner to continue to progress.

2. Focus on the key information without forgetting the details

When creating learning content, focus on the key information that your learners will need. Look at the core needs and then add the details that will allow them to express their unique personalities and to better perform in their jobs. The details will give “flavor” to the content, giving you a competitive advantage and learners that want to come back.

3. Make learning personal and familiar

The context of learning is often a deal breaker for learners. Feeling like there is no personal connection with the trainer or the content of the course are some of the most frequent reasons why learners abandon a learning program or perform lower than expected. A personal touch, a feeling of familiarity will make the learner feel included, part of a group, giving him the extra push to engage with the content.

Customized Content

Based on our belief that “One size does NOT fit all”, Speexx has recently designed a new solution, focused on offering flexible options for our clients and learners. HR Managers and L&D Managers can choose from hundreds of business and workplace related themes and create customized Online Workshops for their teams. Taking on a Learner Centered Approach, Speexx also listens to the specific needs of your workforce. Experienced language trainers give their guidance in order to provide the content and blended learning experience that each learner needs. The Online Workshop sessions are exclusive to students from one organization, which allows them to fully benefit from shared experience, training goals and inspiring group dynamics. This makes learning more engaging, allowing learners to focus on the specific needs and challenges that their work poses.

customized learning

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