How Language Training Develops New Business Opportunities

Effective communication isn’t just an exchange of information; it is also about understanding the emotion and intention behind the words. It is as much about being able to convey your message in the way you hope it to be received, as it is about being able to listen and gain the full meaning of what is being said to you.

These skills become increasingly important to a global organization that conducts business in multiple linguistic regions. Building the communication skills of your staff by means of language training can help grow your business in several ways:

It Expands Your Client Reach

Currently, many organizations that offer interpreters do so in an ad-hoc manner by informally using bilingual employees in other job roles to translate on a volunteer basis. These employees may not have training or experience in relevant areas of the business.

An organization with multilingual staff in key departments has a clear advantage in the global marketplace:

  • Multilingual sales staff are able to secure new international business opportunities
  • Multilingual marketing staff ensure that communications to prospective users and clients reach beyond local geographical areas
  • Multilingual support staff can build stronger relationships with existing clients who require assistance

You may find that different forms of language training work better for employees in different departments of your organization. Solutions like phone training, face-to-face training and work in a virtual classroom provide opportunities for employees to fit language training into their day.

Gain an Edge Over Competitors

People prefer to communicate in their native language. This is especially true when they are trying to understand a complex or costly business decision. Potential clients want to ensure they understand the exact details of the services being rendered and the terms of the agreement before making a commitment.

If your workforce is able to communicate to a prospective client in their own language, you may win their business from competitors who do not offer multilingual communication.

Get to the Global Market Faster

For global companies, there is an increasing demand for multilingual products and services. Many companies provide language services only after launch, as a reaction to customer demand. This delays your launch in some regions and misses out on potential revenue.

Organizations that deliver their language services late in key geographic areas risk losing market share and diminishing their brand. Therefore, having multilingual staff who can offer local language services from the outset is a competitive advantage, and streamlines your product launches.

Diversify Your Products and Services

Often when we think about the advantages of multilingualism and socio-cultural understanding in business we consider the impact on selling. However, having a multilingual staff can also help diversify your services and products:

  • Translation, editing and localization services of company materials, advertisements and websites
  • Subtitling and dubbing of training or other videos
  • Attending or presenting at conferences offered in other languages

All of these endeavors will expand your product and service offerings, making you more accessible to a wider market. Whether it’s a priority for you to offer training to key talent, executives, or the entire company, Speexx has a service that will fit your need.

Strong communication skills have always been a key part of success in business. As businesses become increasingly globalized, foreign language skills are becoming a critical part of these skills. Having staff in various departments who are comfortable communicating in a variety of languages has a positive impact on the whole organization. It provides opportunities to win new business, diversify your offerings, and boost profits through increased international sales.

Ready to take advantage of the business opportunities offered by multilingualism? Try Speexx today.

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