On Demand Webinar
HR Trends & Reality: What actually works?

How can you leverage new trends to impact learning in your organization, boost performance, improve efficiency and unlock the true potential of L&D? View the recording of this webinar for a comprehensive recap of current relevant trend reports and benchmarks, along with actionable takeaways to apply within your organization right away.

Speexx Webinars for HR

In this webinar you will learn
  • which crucial changes in the HR landscape highlighted by global thought leaders you should pay attention to
  • practical insights through real business cases that reflect the top global human capital trends and
  • how your global peers react to these trends and learn from their best practices

Duration: 45 Minutes 

Steve Fairbank, webinar HR Trends SpeexxSpeaker | Steve Fairbank

Webinar presenter Steve Fairbank is a successful Communication and Change Management expert with over 25 years’ experience working in the L&D sector, in Australia and Germany.

His work focuses on global growth management for large organizations in eLearning, Learning Management Systems, and strategic development. Steve´s areas of expertise center around employee retention, change management, talent acquisition and talent planning.

  • In this webinar presenter Steve Fairbank from Speexx breaks down Global Human Capital Trends as presented in the Deloitte trends report ´Rewriting the Rules for the Digital Age´ as well as the Towards Maturity Benchmark report – Unlocking Potential and the Speexx Exchange Survey.
  • We illustrate which trends are a practical reality for some of the global companies within the Speexx ecosystem and ask participants to share their input, so we create a live feed on the central topics that matter most to you. In addition, Steve highlights insights from the annual Towards Maturity Benchmark Report and Speexx Exchange Survey.