White Paper | The Promise of Virtual Blended Learning

The results of the 2016/2017 Speexx Exchange survey are in and they show that organizations are maturing rapidly. HR and L&D professionals in organizations of all sizes face a fastchanging learning and technology environment. They also play a key role when it comes to driving their organization towards a mature learning environment that facilitates flexibility. Download this white paper to access more exclusive insights from the Speexx survey and learn how to create a sustainable learning culture in your organization. 

HR white paper
  • Are organizations on the path to learning maturity?

  • How will the promise of the “human cloud” impact learning?

  • Is mobile learning still “buzzing” in corporate learning?

  • Blended learning is moving into the cloud. What does this mean for HR and L&D?

  • Driving virtual blended learning – 5 steps to success.

Building Skills to Support Organisational Strategy

Learning and development is most effective when it sits right at the heart of the business. L&D professionals are increasingly aligning themselves more closely with strategic goals and matching learning and development delivery to what business and the learners need in their day-to-day workflow. In this video, Armin Hopp, Founder and President of Speexx offers practical tips to help HR directors and managers build the right skills to support organizational strategy.

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