Managing Top Talent – A Call for Better Communications

This paper showcases they key drivers for successfully aligning communications with talent management and leadership development and offers practical approaches for getting started.

In this report you will learn:

  • Why talent management always goes hand in hand with communications
  • How to empower HR with technology and the benefits of Big Data
  • 5 steps to building leadership communication skills

Effective communication skills are key to finding, managing and retaining talent across any multinational organisation. To develop a global talent pool of future leaders, HR needs a solid communications strategy.

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of how essential communication skills are for overall profitability. The Speexx Exchange 2014-15 Survey, carried out among more than 200 global corporations, revealed the clear competitive advantage of strong communication skills. 92% of the respondents rated business communication skills as important or very important, with a direct impact on business success.