Laura Overton Live at Speexx Exchange 2017

How does Digital Transformation influence the way we work, communicate and learn? Laura Overton brings fresh data from the Towards Maturity benchmark, involving over 700 L&D leaders across the world, during the opening keynote from Speexx Exchange, Berlin.

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Laura OvertonKeynote Speaker | Laura Overton

Laura is the CEO & Founder of Towards Maturity, a not-for-profit benchmark practice that provides independent expert research and advice in using learning innovation to accelerate business performance.

  • Laura Overton will kick-off the 7th edition of Speexx Exchange with a keynote speech about “Digital Transformation & the Human Factor – How should we change the way we work, communicate and learn?”
  • You will also have the chance to hear the first results of the Towards Maturity Benchmark report, providing you with unique information about how the L&D sector is evolving in the era of digital transformation.

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