Speexx Product Updates

To kick off a new successful year and build up momentum, here is a round of fresh updates and awesome new features from Speexx.

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The Success Hub – Your New Space to Drive Learning Success
This is the new space for best practice and ready-to-use materials to promote digital learning in your organization.
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Setting Smart Goals and Badges
Bring out everyone’s very best by nurturing goal setting.
  • Increase learning motivation and reward with badges.
  • Measure the success of specific learning cohorts with learning challenges.
  • Benchmark user cohorts and make learning progress transparent throughout your organization.
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Mastering Learning Success
We’ve transformed learning progression into an even smoother experience. Your users can now enjoy:
  • Content overview for all learning items with info on grammar, communication focus, and more
  • Clearer guidance on how to reach the next level
  • Celebrate success: users get rewarded when reaching a level

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Speexx is all about innovation. We deliver solutions that help users around the world communicate better. Click here to see our releases in Q4 2022.

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