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Speexx Exchange: The digital learning event for HR and L&D

  • HR Conference: Discover trends in HR and AI
  • L&D Conference: The annual reality check on the state of digital corporate learning and coaching
  • Speexx Exchange is a hybrid event: Network with industry peers in person and online
  • Be inspired by leading keynote speakers, HR and L&D leaders, hands-on workshops and many best practice cases from large organizations
  • Our promise: We won´t push product - the floor is all yours.

Speexx Exchange 2023 Agenda

Speexx Exchange: The Best of HR Conference 2023, L&D Conference 2023 and Coaching Conference 2023

Welcome and introductions. Join us as Laura sets the scene for the day and outlines why humanizing work in an AI driven world is the key to success.
Laura Overton | Conference Chair
Jo Cook | International Speaker & Director and Digital Facilitator | Lightbulb Moment  
Armin Hopp & Speexx 
Working with AI – positioning, opportunities and challenges. The Microsoft perspective.