Speexx Exchange Podcast – Episode 12:
L&D’s Response to a Crisis & the Future of Learning Post-Pandemic with Sarah Sullivan

L&D’s Response to a Crisis

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Episode 12

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In this special episode, Donald and Sarah Sullivan, Speexx’ Head of Digital Content & Communications, reflect on the current state of learning, and how it’s changed – and will continue to evolve – since the emergence of COVID-19. They discuss the results from Speexx and Donald Taylor’s joint survey, which asked the following question of HR and L&D managers worldwide: What will be the three biggest challenges for corporate L&D in the new age of learning from home?

Donald and Sarah explore the ways in which L&D priorities have shifted since the pandemic’s arrival, and discuss how to best keep learners engaged in this “work from anywhere” era; how to ensure you have the best tech setup for all remote workers and learners; how to onboard a new employee when literally no one is physically in the traditional office; why soft skills remain important, even when going completely virtual; and how to most quickly and efficiently adopt F2F curricula to digital. Valuable insights and predictions from other podcast guests, like Kinga Petrovai, Bob Mosher and Hannah Gore, can be found in this episode as well.

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About Donald Taylor

Donald Taylor on L&D’s Response to a Crisis

Chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute since 2010, his background ranges from training delivery to managing director and vice-president positions in software companies. Donald took his own internet-based training business from concept to trade sale in 2001 and has been a company director during several other acquisitions. Now based in London, he has lived and traveled extensively outside the UK and now travels regularly internationally to consult and speak about workplace learning.

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About Sarah Sullivan

Sarah Sullivan on L&D’s Response to a Crisis

Sarah Sullivan is the Head of Digital Content & Communications for Speexx, the world’s leading online language learning and business communication skills training service. At, Speexx Sarah leads, guides, and supports all digital marketing communication efforts worldwide. She has specialized in international communications around artificial intelligence/machine learning, engineering, and enterprise software. Sarah has over 10 years of experience in international communication and PR. 

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