Essentials of Smart Remote Work 
Five easy steps to achieving remote success

Now, more than ever, when employees can’t go into the office and are forced to work from home, organizations need to properly manage their new remote workforce. To help, we are sharing our recommendations on how to achieve success when working remotely, keeping motivation and employee productivity high.

Infographic | Essentials of Smart Remote Work

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Remote Work Globally

According to a 2019 work from home statistics, only 44% of global organizations allowed home office. Within recent months, this percentage grew, as companies around the world were forced to switch to a fully remote workforce. This means that for many employees, working from home is a new situation to which they quickly have to adapt to.

Working from home comes with both challenges and opportunities. The benefits of working from home: 75% of people who work remotely say that this allows for fewer distractions and increased productivity. They also report reduced stress levels and are overall happier and more willing to remain with their current employer.

However, working from home does present some challenges as well. 22% of remote workers mention that their biggest challenge is unplugging after work, as the line between personal and professional life fades out. Another major challenge is the lack of the social element, with 19% of people working from home feeling lonely and struggling to maintain efficient communication and collaboration with their colleagues.

Remote Work Infographic

Switching to Smart Remote Work

Despite the challenges that working from home poses, there are a number of steps that organizations can take in order to make the switch easier and more effective for their workforce. Setting up the right tools and technologies to enable efficient communication and collaboration is the basis for smart remote work.

On an individual level, employees can also take a number of measures, such as setting up a proper workspace, keeping a good and consistent routine, and structuring their workday to increase productivity. Another key element is maintaining transparency and keeping communication open with co-workers. There are a lot of tools and technologies that can reduce the loneliness of working from home, empowering organizations to keep business as usual even with a fully remote workforce.

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