Speexx Exchange Podcast – Episode 21:
Digital Transformation for the Front-Line Workforce With Mitja Kulcar

Frontline Workforce

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Episode 21

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Welcome to the Speexx Exchange podcast on ” Digital Transformation for the Front-line Workforce”! “A really well-thought-out and implemented technology solution,” is what Donald Taylor calls Mitja Kulcar’s (MOL Group’s Frontline Training & Development Lead) digital transformation and learning efforts for frontline employees. It’s hard enough to train people in an office; how do you do it with frontline staff? Believe it or not, digital learning transformation can prove successful and effective for frontline workers – in this case, using microlearning (people needed to dedicate only three to five minutes per day, maximum!) – and in this episode, Mitja Kulcar explains how he and his team pulled this off. Give it a listen to hear tips on how to best fit learning into one’s workflow, and how to get away from “nightmare” face-to-face learning.

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