Speexx Exchange Podcast – Episode 21:
Digital Transformation for the Front-Line Workforce With Mitja Kulcar

Frontline Workforce

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Episode 21

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Welcome to the Speexx Exchange podcast on ” Digital Transformation for the Front-line Workforce”! “A really well-thought-out and implemented technology solution,” is what Donald Taylor calls Mitja Kulcar’s (MOL Group’s Frontline Training & Development Lead) digital transformation and learning efforts for frontline employees. It’s hard enough to train people in an office; how do you do it with frontline staff? Believe it or not, digital learning transformation can prove successful and effective for frontline workers – in this case, using microlearning (people needed to dedicate only three to five minutes per day, maximum!) – and in this episode, Mitja Kulcar explains how he and his team pulled this off. Give it a listen to hear tips on how to best fit learning into one’s workflow, and how to get away from “nightmare” face-to-face learning.

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Intro 0:01   
Welcome to the Speexx Exchange podcast with your host Donald Taylor. As a renowned learning and development industry expert and chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute, Donald sits down with experts from around the globe to talk business communication, learning technology, language, digital transformation, and engaging, upskilling, and reskilling your organization. This podcast is brought to you by Speexx, the first intelligent language learning platform for the digital workplace. Listen in, and you might learn a thing or two.  

Donald Taylor 0:37   
Welcome to this episode of the Speexx Exchange podcast with me, your host, Donald Taylor. I have with us today, Mitja Kulcar, who is the Frontline Training and Development Lead at MOL Group. You may not have heard of it, but it’s an extensive retail operation throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Mitja will tell us more about that in a minute. We’re here today to hear a great story about implementing digital support for learning not in an office but with frontline staff. Primarily for blue-collar people who are working, getting their hands dirty, in gas or petrol retail stations and service stations. It’s not necessarily how you would expect or where you would expect a digital learning implementation to take place. So Mitja, great to have you with us. Welcome to the episode. Can you say something about yourself? Can you let us know where you’re from and what’s your background?  

Mitja Kulcar 1:30   
Yeah, thanks for the invitation. I am flattered to be here. Since the beginning of my career, my heart has belonged to retail, and I found my passion in helping frontline employees become the best version of themselves. I progressed through all the significant areas in retail in the last 13 years. Starting from being a retail associate during my college time leading a store, then progressing to become the regional sales manager. Somehow on the way, I landed in frontline training. Today, I lead the Global Retail Training and Development team, sitting in the retail business division, as opposed to a more conventional setup of learning and training being usually part of HR. With my team, we serve 15,000 employees that work on almost 2,000 petrol stations, or, how we call them, service stations in our organization. They are dispersed across nine countries in Central Eastern Europe, and we are based in Budapest.