Speexx Exchange Podcast – Episode 22:
Hybrid Teams: The Future is Part Human, Part Machine with Greg Detre

Designing the Learning Experience

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Episode 22

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Welcome to the Speexx Exchange podcast about “Hybrid Teams – The Future is Part Human, Part Machine”! We’re in “the age of the centaur,” where the best teams (like the mythological centaur – half man, half horse) are made up of two parts: part human, part machine. Data consultant and former Channel 4 Chief Data Scientist, Greg Detre, speaks with Donald about the interchange between people and machines, starting with the identification and recognition of skills. From there, they discuss how to trim these insights down to a manageable set of resources (akin to data visualization) and make teams more efficient and effective in the workplace. Tune in to find out more!

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Intro 0:01   
Welcome to the Speexx Exchange podcast with your host Donald Taylor. As a renowned learning and development industry expert, as well as chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute, Donald sits down with experts from around the globe to talk business communication, learning technology, language, digital transformation, and engaging upskilling and reskilling your organization. This podcast is brought to you by Speexx the first intelligent language learning platform for the digital workplace. Listen in and you might learn a thing or two.  

Donald Taylor 0:35   
Welcome to this episode of the Speexx Exchange podcast with me, your host, Donald Taylor. Today our guest is Greg Detre, the former chief data scientist at Channel 4 and among other things at the moment, a data consultant. Greg, great to have you with us.  

Greg Detre 0:50   
Thanks, Donald! Lovely to be here.  

Donald Taylor 0:51   
I don’t like to go into a huge introduction of people when they can do it so much better themselves. Greg, could you introduce yourself? Where you’re coming from professionally speaking?  

Greg Detre 0:59   
Well, I trained as a computational neuroscientist studying why we forget things and they say that psychologists study their own deficiencies and so I have a terrible memory. On the back of that, I co-founded a startup called Memrise. I’ve been working in the startup world for the last few years as a mix of CTO, and data scientist, most recently working at Channel 4 as chief data scientist there. And now, I help startups and larger companies to get the most out of their data teams and out of the data they’re collecting to hire the right people and manage them in a way that helps them tackle interesting problems effectively.  

Donald Taylor 1:35   
Data is everywhere at the moment. I was doing a talk this morning; you can’t get away from it. I threw up a slide that showed all these magazine front pages from probably about eight or nine years ago, but it was all about big data. Then I said what happened to big data? It sort of went away as a buzz term, but then the use of data entered our daily lives. I illustrated that by just throwing up some of the stats that we bandy around in the world of football every day. Because if you&