Speexx Exchange Podcast – Episode 14:
Experimenting with Data in L&D; Behavioral Data in Training Functions with Derek Mitchell

Designing the Learning Experience

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Episode 14

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Welcome to the Speexx Exchange podcast on “Experimenting with Data in L&D, and Behavioral Data in Training Functions”! In this episode, host Donald Taylor interviews analytics consultant Derek Mitchell, who has a serious passion for measuring the impact of training and development activity. They talk about learning data and analytics from the past few months, with workforces adapting to a global pandemic, and also make projections about the skills needed in a post-COVID future. Derek explains why people in the field of L&D and training are historically wary of data and demonstrates the benefits of “experimenting” with data in the field of L&D (providing his own professional experiences as examples). He and Donald urge training managers to use the data they already have in a more effective way, and insist that the data is already “in the room”; among the many valuable suggestions that Derek gives listeners during this podcast is: “Have high-quality biscuits in the room.” Intrigued by this piece of advice? Then listen in (and be prepared to start craving cookies!).

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