Speexx Exchange Podcast – Episode 8:
AI, Chatbots, Conversation & Convergence with Trish Uhl

Speexx Exchange Podcast - Episode 8: AI, Chatbots, Conversation & Convergence with Trish Uhl

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Episode 8

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Welcome to the Speexx Exchange podcast on AI, Chatbots, Conversation & Convergence! Your host, Donald Taylor, Chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute – and renowned L&D expert chats with Founder of Owl’s Ledge, Trish Uhl, about how to apply AI, data science and advanced analytics to organizational learning to achieve significant impact and business results. She tells the story about the Mars bar “hunger algorithm,” detailing how the chocolate company used smart conversational analysis to understand human behavior, and shows how this can be replicated in the field of L&D. Trish explores “engineering” learning systems, how to connect training environments to operational environments, and demonstrates how her team is doing this through the use of chatbots. Listen in to get a sense of how chatbots provide learning insights by connecting instruction to integration to implementation. Oh, and that app kids these days are using – TikTok? Trish is convinced that this is the future of learning, and it’s changing the way that we provide learning solutions for the TikTok-consuming cohort over the next three to five years.

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