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Bizerba: Exemplary License Management

95%+ License usage
700+ Users (15% of the global workforce)

Bizerba partnered with Speexx to replace face-to-face language training with a digital solution easily accessible through Bizerba’s LMS, SAP SuccessFactors. Bizerba’s exemplary license management and Speexx’s shared commitment to bringing the best learning programs to Bizerba’s employees led to the impressive result of 95% license usage.


Bizerba is a world leader and internationally sets standards for weighing, slicing, and weight-price-labeling technologies. Bizerba offers its industry, trade, and logistics customers a globally unique hardware and software solutions portfolio around the central value of weight. Since 1866, Bizerba has made a significant contribution to the developments in weighing technology and today is represented in 120 countries.

With around 4,300 employees worldwide and its headquarters in Balingen, Germany, Bizerba has been in the same family for five generations. Bizerba places great emphasis on the learning and development of its employees and operates its own learning academy, akin to a mini university within the company. With English as the primary language, employees at Bizerba show a keen interest in learning new languages.


In 2019, Bizerba implemented SAP SuccessFactors, a new learning management system, and sought a digital language learning solution to replace face-to-face training. Bizerba aimed to find a provider that could offer both English as Bizerba’s company language and a broader range of other languages and possessed the technical expertise to facilitate a smooth transition to digital learning. Additionally, Bizerba sought a partner capable of promoting the new solution effectively among its workforce.

“With Speexx, we have an excellent partner providing cutting-edge language learning solutions. We are very happy that with Speexx, 'language learning' is now an established part of the working day. With the constantly changing tasks and variations in the system, we can be sure that all employees receive the appropriate exercises. This is how we qualify for daily work in an international company.”

Tanja Böhmler L&D, Global Human Resources, Bizerba Academy


Speexx quickly emerged as an ideal partner for Bizerba due to its readiness to integrate with SAP SuccessFactors and its provision of languages beyond English. Speexx also offered valuable support in promoting the language learning solution throughout Bizerba. Collaborative marketing activities, including offline and online campaigns such as “Language for high-flyers,” helped introduce the Speexx course using boarding passes as a popular element.

Speexx actively participated in Bizerba’s learning week, an internal fair showcasing various learning offerings, conducting sessions to demonstrate the benefits of learning with Speexx. The collaboration between Speexx and Bizerba deepened when Speexx integrated with SAP SuccessFactors’ Online Content Network (OCN) and facilitated the switch to Smart Learning in January 2022.


Bizerba’s extraordinarily engaged and proactive HR was fundamental in achieving impressive results. The exemplary license management resulted in over 95% usage, with over 15% of Bizerba’s global workforce improving their language and communication skills and more than 700 employees benefiting. An average user spends over 3.5 hours per month learning with Speexx, and the distribution of learners ranges from A1 to B2.2 levels.

Regular jour-fixe meetings between Bizerba and Speexx have proven instrumental in effectively managing licenses and prioritizing learners who fully utilize the language training opportunity. The collaboration showcases the importance of close project monitoring in achieving excellent results and the difference a dedicated HR can bring to developing the company’s staff.

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