Speexx Exchange Podcast – Episode 17:
Brain-friendly Learning & Reducing Cognitive Load with Dr. Itiel Dror

Designing the Learning Experience

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Welcome to the Speexx Exchange podcast on “Brain-friendly Learning & Reducing Cognitive Load”! In this fascinating and cerebral Speexx Exchange podcast, Donald explores the world of cognitive neuroscience with Dr. Itiel Dror, a Senior Researcher at University College London. In his daily work, and for this podcast episode, Dr. Dror shares insights on the human brain and cognitive system and shows HR and L&D managers how to apply this knowledge to enhance learning, decision-making and human performance.

The pair share best practices for L&D managers on how to reduce a learner’s cognitive load; creating actually “brain-friendly” learning experiences; why we should be wary of any learning marketed as “brain-friendly”; and what we can borrow from lessons catered to pilots, bankers, and orthopedic and cardiothoracic surgeons – and why making a mistake is, oftentimes, the very best way to learn.

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About Donald Taylor

Donald Taylor

Chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute since 2010, his background ranges from training delivery to managing director and vice-president positions in software companies. Donald took his own internet-based training business from concept to trade sale in 2001 and has been a company director during several other acquisitions. Now based in London, he has lived and traveled extensively outside the UK and now travels regularly internationally to consult and speak about workplace learning.

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About Dr. Itiel Dror

Mirjam Neelen

Dr. Dror received his PhD from Harvard University, specializing in human cognition, bias, expert decision making, and learning. He has been conducting research on decision making, knowledge & skill acquisition, and human performance, and his research is covered in over 130 research papers in the top international scientific journals. Dr. Dror brings special talent in taking the most theoretical knowledge about the human brain and cognitive system and translating it into practical ways that can be applied to enhance learning, decision making, and human performance.

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