Speexx Exchange Podcast – Episode 24:
Why Accessibility Is More Than an Add on to Your Content with Michael Osborne

Designing the Learning Experience

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Episode 24

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How important is accessibility to you and your company? Probably not too much. But that is about to change. Michael Osborne, a user-experience-driven developer focusing on accessibility who recently took on his new role at Upskill Digital as a Learning Experience Designer, sits down with Donald Taylor, the host of the Speexx Exchange Podcast to discuss the importance of accessibility in L&D. Statistics say that approximately 1 billion people have some disability, which means one in seven people is somehow affected. Thus, it is most probable that there are far more people with a disability among your customers or students than you might think. But that is just one reason why you should put more thought into the topic of accessibility. Find out why it is vital to make accessibility a priority instead of an add-on and why it benefits everyone. Listen in and learn from the expert!

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Intro 0:01    

Welcome to the Speexx Exchange podcast with your host Donald Taylor. As a renowned learning and development industry expert and chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute, Donald sits down with experts from around the globe to talk business communication, learning technology, language, digital transformation, and engaging, upskilling, and reskilling your organization. This podcast is to you by Speexx, the first intelligent language learning platform for the digital workplace. Listen in, and you might learn a thing or two.  

Donald Taylor 0:35    

Welcome to this episode of the Speexx Exchange podcast with me, your host, Donald Taylor, and today’s guest, Michael Osborne, who describes himself as a user experience-driven developer focusing on accessibility. Michael, it’s accessibility that we’re here to talk about today. Could you introduce yourself, please?  

Michael Osborne 0:54    

Sure, I’m Mike Osborne. This summer, I have been in the industry for about eight and a half years. I come from a video games background, and I spent the last eight and a half years designing simulations for some of the world’s largest compani