Whitepaper | Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is becoming the backbone of modern businesses. Delivering bite-sized, highly relevant learning to individuals is critical to maintaining a stable and engaged workforce, ready to meet the challenges of this year.

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personalized learning

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • how to boost employee retention

  • how to upskill staff with personalized learning

  • what are the latest HR and L&D trends

  • what did HR and L&D peers have to say in the Speexx Exchange Survey

  • what are regional HR and L&D trends

Top Learning Trends

“At a time of massive global change, HR and learning and development (L&D) professionals are going back to the basics. Professionals responding to Speexx’ annual survey cited retaining talent, developing leaders, and aligning HR with business objectives as their three primary challenges for 2019. Hot topics like automation and AI did not feature as challenges, implying that organizations are once again focusing on the core essentials of HR.”

Securing Business Success

“It is critical that organizations align workforce development with business objectives in 2019 to secure business success and stability in an uncertain world. As remote and mobile working becomes integral to modern business, so will remote and mobile learning. The increased prevalence of working across borders will drive demand for better soft skills, enabling greater collaboration, and will amplify the need for a common business language in a global setting.”

Regional Learning Trends

“Learning professionals in different regions of the world vary in their areas of focus for 2019. This was notable in respondents’ interest in using mobile learning. More than half of the 97 Chinese professionals responding to the survey thought that the transition to digital and mobile learning would be a hot topic in 2019, while only one-third of the 395 German professionals surveyed agreed.”

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