How to Drive Corporate Training with Big Data

We’ve just published the final edition of our 3 part video guide to help HR and L&D professionals deal with developing a global workforce. ‘How to drive corporate training with big learner data’ gives an insight into how learner analytics benefit organizations in their training programs and decision-making processes. It also lists practical tips on applying the right metrics and predicting learner behavior in the future.

There is a lot of talk about big data and how it will help businesses become more responsive to customer needs. The same thinking can be applied to corporate learning and development. To date, HR and L&D professionals have approached skills development from either a business need perspective or to meet demand from line managers. Now big data, revealing the way in which individual learners are embracing and using e-learning, is driving more effective workforce learning.

Armin Hopp, Founder and President of Speexx, presents:

“Data analytics allows HR and L&D to respond to users much faster than would have been possible in the old days”, says Armin Hopp, Founder and President of Speexx. “Big data allows us to control and measure learning results while steering learners along a learning path based on their results and achievements. With the help of cloud-based solutions, organizations are disseminating systems throughout their workforce and measuring the results against the standards that they’ve set.”

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