Speexx Exchange Podcast – Episode 4:
Pitfalls and Pivots of Digital Transformation with Lori Niles Hofmann

Pitfalls and Pivots of Digital Transformation

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Episode 4

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Welcome to the Speexx Exchange podcast on Digital Learning While Heeding Human Cravings for Social Contact! Your host, Donald Taylor, Chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute – and renowned L&D expert – chats with Lori Niles Hofmann – Digital Learning and Transformation Strategist at NilesNolan.com – the pitfalls and pivots of digital transformation, as well as upskilling and reskilling, pointing out one-third of skills will not be viable in three to five years. The two also unpack what digital transformation really is – how digital and technology can enhance what you’re trying to achieve, and how to achieve those outcomes on a faster basis. She proclaims that “IT is the best friend that L&D could ever have,” and urges HR and L&D specialists to also look at other departments within their organizations to learn how to undergo digital and learning transformations more smoothly.  

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About Donald Taylor

Donald Taylor

Chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute since 2010, his background ranges from training delivery to managing director and vice-president positions in software companies. Donald took his own internet-based training business from concept to trade sale in 2001 and has been a company director during several other acquisitions. Now based in London, he has lived and traveled extensively outside the UK and now travels regularly internationally to consult and speak about workplace learning.

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About Lori Niles-Hofmann

Steve Wheeler

Lori Niles Hofmann is a senior learning strategist with over 20 years of L&D experience across many industries, including international banking, management consulting, and marketing. Her specialization is large-scale digital learning transformations. She is passionate about helping companies navigate through the ambiguity of change and act as a trusted adviser to CLOs around the world. She has developed data-based methodologies and frameworks that empower L&D teams to move from business support function to strategic business driver.

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