Aligning HR and L&D with Your Business Goals | Whitepaper

– How to ensure learning programs deliver commercial success –

HR and learning professionals play an increasingly key role in building a stable and engaged workforce that is equipped to respond to shifting business priorities. That’s why many forward-thinking businesses are now focusing on ensuring they align HR and learning initiatives with business goals.

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In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • what are the obstacles to aligning HR and L&D with business goals

  • how can you create workforce development that delivers on business ambitions

  • how to prioritize on staff retention

  • how to expand your corporate learning offering

  • how can you get line management on your side

Obstacles in the way of HR and L&D

“HR analyst Josh Bersin says, “Companies are throwing money at HR tools, searching for ways to transform their workforce, make people more productive, and improve their quality of hire, skills development, and employee engagement and retention.” Yet many businesses are failing to align all these activities with the creation of a mobile and flexible workforce required to meet explicit modern business objectives, such as targeting new territories or achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction.”

Prioritizing on staff retention

“Perhaps surprisingly, more than a quarter of professionals (27%) said that retention was not a big concern for them. This may imply that these respondents believe effective processes are in place to reduce staff turnover, or that they feel their job vacancies can be filled easily. However, in a complex, fast-changing global market, the stability and consistency provided by a given workplace is critical.”

Getting management on your side

“Managers have a key part to play in boosting employee retention. One in eight survey respondents (15%) agreed that it was important to ‘Train the manager on people management skills’ to improve employee retention. Equally, 15% of respondents also agreed that ‘Frequent and meaningful feedback to employees and clearly communicated goals’ was necessary for retention.”

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