We invited three Speexxies to share their thoughts on the DEI culture at Speexx; each was asked the same five questions and spoke candidly about their feelings and ideas on this very topical subject. We hope you enjoy the interviews as much as we did.

Taylor Hollingsworth


1. What is your perspective on diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

I think that it’s an important part of the work culture that should be integrated into every company, especially if they want to attract new and innovative talent.

2. How does Speexx promote a DEI culture?

I feel like the overall company culture is accepting of everyone just by the interactions I have had online and offline with colleagues.

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3. What core values does Speexx build its services upon?

Learning and innovation, flexibility and trust, openness and belonging.

4. What do you think are the challenges that companies face today regarding equality and diversity?

I think a big challenge is that if the company chooses to stand for one cause, the question is brought up of why not every social issue. It’s hard to keep a neutral standpoint as a company to have a general viewpoint on a topic, but also choose a side to show others where the co