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AI and L&D: Merging Tech & Talent

The impact of AI on HR and L&D

At Speexx, we believe that AI will have a significant impact on HR and L&D. As part of our series of webinars on AI, we’re excited to have our very own Andreas Urban and Tim Darling discuss how AI is already being used at Speexx, and the positive impacts it is having on our business and our customers. In addition to swapping examples of common applications of AI in HR, they’ll also talk about their predictions on where the HR and L&D space is going, with the introduction and support of new technologies, as well as share their opinions on how they think AI will be used in HR in the near (and far) future.

Andreas Urban

Director Global Service

Andreas Urban - Global Services Manager Speexx

Andreas is the Director of Global Services at Speexx, where he drives growth management for global organizations at Speexx in e-learning. He also writes, speaks and hosts webinars about online language learning, the use of technology in Learning and Development and global talent management. Andreas has been with Speexx for more than 10 years, making sure the Speexx customers get the very best out of the solutions and services we offer. Andreas has over 15 years of experience in Learning and Development, blended learning, and instructional design. 

Tim Darling

Learning & Development Manager

Tim is the Learning & Development Manager at Speexx, where he manages the Speexx Academy and coordinates all internal training programs. He has been with Speexx since 2006 and relishes his L&D role at a company which is all about fostering a culture of learning. Tim has 15 years of experience in communications training, L&D, instructional design, personal coaching, and video production. As a Scot who’s been living in Bavaria for two decades, Tim speaks fluent English and German, although his pronunciation in both is an acquired taste.

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On Demand Webinar
AI and Machine Learning in L&D

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