Learning & Development Trends 2022 

What are the key learning and development trends for 2022? Which challenges will companies face in L&D moving forward? Find the latest analysis from the annual L&D Global Sentiment Survey. 

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Over the past five years, the survey was able to compile close to 12,000 entries from more than 100 countries and leveraged results into numbers, statistics, and forecasts. For decades, the learning and development segment has claimed a key role in corporate environments. The companies that are supporting their employees with reskilling and upskilling opportunities are bound to reap rewards on multiple levels. Thats because learning and development strategy is now a core component of modern-day corporate structure. 

Current Trends in Personal Development from the 2022 L&D Global Sentiment Survey 

In our Masterclass Webinar with L&D Expert Donald H Taylor, we outlined the main takeaways from the current survey on workplace learning in 2022. Over 180 participants from across the globe used the opportunity to obtain these valuable insights for discussion in a professional environment. The main overarching trend for 2022: Placing individuals at the center. 

This means considering individuals with all their unique needs, various skill sets and character traits. Supplemented by technological ramifications, the growing demand for digital learning and the fundamental questions of “how” and “why” to implement L&D in a corporate context. 

woman leading corporate training session

Professionals From More than 100 Countries Surveyed on 2022 L&D Trends 

Companies and executives from across the world are considering their approaches for providing workplace learning to their skilled personnel. They are highly aware of the importance of a continuous learning strategy in today’s work environment as a driver behind successful businesses and the power to innovate. The L&D Global Sentiment Survey sets out to capture the impressions and opinions of experts from across the globe to help analyze relevant core areas and identify future trends. 

Every year, the one-minute survey addresses professionals in the L&D segment. The dominant question remains: “What will be the key tendencies for L&D in the workplace this year?” Now in its ninth year, the survey elicited a massive responses with 3,500 entries from more than 100 countries. 

International Comparison of 2022 L&D Trends

For the first time in survey history, submissions included 400 entries from Africa as an emerging and important market. Every year, survey results are presented in front of a broad international audience and outcomes, takeaways, and statistics provided in download format. 

The individual responses provide fascinating insights into people’s way of thinking while providing ample grounds for identifying emerging trends for the new year. What’s more, even extrapolate one or the other forecast for the future. Overall, the survey should provide companies and L&D experts with a sound foundation for their strategic decision making. 

Regionally Specific L&D Trends

Over the past few years, the survey powerfully demonstrated key international trends as well as regionally specific differences. While the survey suggests a clear tendency towards an adaptive, personalized and sustainable learning structure, the results also indicate differences in approaches that can be attributed to regional peculiarities.  

While the key segment across most countries for 2022 remains reskilling and upskilling, South American nations place the most emphasis on collaborative and social learning. In Europe, the most relevant factors are competence-based talent management, learning analyses and in-depth counseling. In Africa, areas such as virtual reality and digital accessibility proved the key areas.  

woman leading corporate training session