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How Digital Transformation Enables a User-Centric Approach to L&D

In this webinar, we discuss “How Digital Transformation Enables a User-Centric Approach to L&D”, what is the potential they bring for L&D and how can you start implementing these concepts in your strategy.

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Modern learners are hungry for knowledge and want to take power over their learning paths. Empowered by more access to different learning sources, learners are demanding a personalized experience in their learning programs. This is where the user-centric approach comes into play. The new trends that are emerging in the world of training, such as design thinking, the “user-centric” approach, and the focus on a more collaborative experience need to be prioritized if HR and L&D want to be successful in their talent development initiatives.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How design thinking is becoming more important in HR and L&D
  • What a user-centric approach to learning really means
  • What is the connection between digital transformation and user-centric learning
  • How to apply design thinking principles to HR and L&D

Meet the Presenter: Shaune Peebles | Customer Success Manager | Docebo

After spending a number of years as a corporate language trainer, Shaune Peebles joined Docebo at the end of 2017, working out of the company’s Biassono, Italy office as a customer success manager. In his role, Shaune is responsible for supporting clients in learning management system (LMS) adoption and implementation. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Shaune spent a number of years teaching in China before settling in Milan, Italy in 2009.


About Docebo

Docebo is changing the way people learn through artificial intelligence. While traditional enterprise learning technologies have dictated the way people learn with formal courses pushed from the top down, Docebo’s learning platform facilitates automated and personalized learning experiences at scale in the flow of work to drive growth, organizational performance and revenue. Docebo is designed to power a cohesive L&D strategy, and has been embraced by more than 1,500 companies (5.6 million learners) around the world for its ability to satisfy multiple use cases for both internal and external enterprise learning.