Global Human Capital Trends
On Demand Webinar

Enter this webinar for a comprehensive recap of current relevant trend reports and benchmarks, along with actionable takeaways to apply within your organization right away.

Speexx Webinars for HR


A tremendous wealth of insight in human resource trends is available, offering great strategic and operational value. But how can lessons learned from this big data be applied to your learning organization? How can you leverage this insight to impact learning in your organization, boost performance, improve efficiency and unlock the true potential of L&D?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • which crucial changes in the HR landscape highlighted by global thought leaders you should pay attention to
  • practical insights through real business cases that reflect the top global human capital trends and
  • how your global peers react to these trends and learn from their best practices

Duration: 45 Minutes 

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Steve Fairbank, webinar HR Trends SpeexxSpeaker | Steve Fairbank

Webinar presenter Steve Fairbank is a successful Communication and Change Management expert with over 25 years’ experience working in the L&D sector, in Australia and Germany.

His work focuses on global growth management for large organizations in eLearning, Learning Management Systems, and strategic development. Steve´s areas of expertise center around employee retention, change management, talent acquisition and talent planning.

  • In this webinar presenter Steve Fairbank from Speexx breaks down Global Human Capital Trends as presented in the Deloitte trends report ´Rewriting the Rules for the Digital Age´ as well as the Towards Maturity Benchmark report – Unlocking Potential and the Speexx Exchange Survey.
  • We illustrate which trends are a practical reality for some of the global companies within the Speexx ecosystem and ask participants to share their input, so we create a live feed on the central topics that matter most to you. In addition, Steve highlights insights from the annual Towards Maturity Benchmark Report and Speexx Exchange Survey.