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Needs Assessment
How to Assess Learning Needs

Practice your Business English skills and learn more about how to assess your people. Join us for an exclusive English virtual classroom with HR and L&D professionals from all over the world.

needs assessment

Needs Assessment

Thursday | August 26th

The Speexx Power Up webinar series helps you get exactly the Business English language skills you need to perform in typical HR and L&D areas, such as digital transformation, learning needs assessment, remote working, and learning or well-being in the workplace.

  • Experience the Speexx Virtual Classroom solution.

  • Brush up your English in an exclusive webinar all about needs assessment, in just 45 minutes. And it is absolutely free, with no obligations.

  • Master key vocabulary in an entertaining, yet effective way for social and formal situations.

  • Meet professionals from all over the world and let our star trainers guide you in interesting conversations on digital HR and L&D issues. You will not even notice that you’re learning English! Groups are limited to 15 seats.

  • Work and communicate across borders with more confidence, conduct job interviews, write mails and letters, meet and negotiate in Business English.

  • Sign up now, seats are going fast! Just enter your name and mail address.

  • Win a Speexx Expert Course! Attendees of the webinar have the opportunity of winning a Speexx Expert language course.

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