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Mission Critical HR and L&D Lessons

Join L&D expert Laura Overton for an exciting Masterclass Webinar about the HR and L&D lessons learned from the pandemic and how you can apply this to your business. Speexx has been working with Laura Overton for over 10 years to exchange ideas on how digital transformation drives business impact.

HR and L&D lessons

Mission Critical HR and L&D Lessons to Help You Make Smarter Choices

Laura Overton
Laura Overton

Speaker Laura Overton | International Speaker, Author & Facilitator

Laura is an experienced international speaker, author, and facilitator with a passion for exploring, challenging, and sharing. Her focus has always been on bringing a community together to investigate how learning innovation builds business impact. Laura has authored/ co-authored over 40 major research reports and, as a regular contributor to industry publications she has written over 300 articles. She has also received several prestigious awards, among which the Learning and Performance Institute’s Colin Corder Award for outstanding achievement and the Learning Technology Award for outstanding achievement.

Accelerated Digital Transformation

Driving digital transformation has taken on a whole new meaning since the global pandemic. Indeed, the last year has put all of our thinking and evidence to the test as learning leaders grappled to deliver within a continually shifting business agenda and enforced digital environment. While many of us in HR and L&D have struggled to stay afloat during the recent crisis, the time has come to take a moment and evaluate the lessons learned from this unprecedented time and what we can do to successfully move our business forward.

Laura has co-authored a new research report with the CIPD and Accenture, exploring evidence with over 1,200 learning and business leaders, which has highlighted what is working and what isn’t in the complex post-pandemic world. The report also explores organizational approaches to learning and skills, providing learning professionals and senior leaders with evidence-led recommendations on how to transform the learning provision within their context. 

Turning a Crisis Into an Opportunity

“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought massive disruption globally, impacting not just the way people and organisations work, but also how they learn and develop the skills they need now and in the future. Many organisations have felt the need to cut back on resources for learning, placing additional pressure on learning and development (L&D) teams who are also dealing with the sudden and sweeping changes to learning delivery, stemming from the overnight shift to remote working for many and restrictions around in-person face-to-face learning.

However, for some organisations and their learning teams, the crisis has proved to be an opportunity: to refresh their alignment with organisational needs, to examine the enablers of collaboration and learning in their organisations, to embrace digital technology and to support employee reskilling and redeployment at a time of ongoing workforce disruption.” – Learning and Skills at Work Survey 2021

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