Speexx System Requirements

To get the most out of your Speexx language course, make sure your systems meet the following requirements:


Version 11/2020

  • Browser: Chrome 84 or higher, Edge (Chromium) 84 or higher, Firefox 68 or higher, Safari 12 or higher

  • Mobile: iOS 12.2 or higher (Safari browser), Android 8.1 or higher (Chrome browser)

  • Speexx App for iOS and Android

  • Recommended bandwidth 300kbit/s

Virtual Classroom

Speexx RTC

  • Media Server
    Ports: 443 TCP (HTTPS + WSS)
    Ports: 50000-60000 UDP (WebRTC)
  • TURN Server
    Ports: 443 UDP/TCP

Adobe Connect

  • Adobe Connect App
  • vc.speexx.com
  • meeting.speexx.com
  • edge.speexx.com

Bandwidth Requirements

Portal: 300 kbit/s
Virtual classroom: 50 kbit/s audio, 500 kbit/s per video stream