e-book | The Social HR Enterprise

e-book | The Social HR Enterprise

The demand for corporate responsibility is rising worldwide. Learn how to transform your business into a social enterprise and satisfy the needs of today’s demanding workforce. 

The Social HR Enterprise

Learn how to transform your business into a successful social enterprise! 

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the Social HR Enterprise

In this e-book you will learn

  • Why interpersonal communication skills matter

  • How to prepare for organizational changes

  • How to embrace technology without neglecting people

  • The benefits of workplace equality

  • How L&D is becoming more accessible in remote locations
  • How to measure your HR net promoter score

Thought Leaders on the need for Social Enterprises:

Josh Bersin Principal & Founder Bersin, Deloitte Consulting
“Across the globe, people trust business more than government.
Being a social enterprise also means investing in the broader social
ecosystem, starting with an organization’s own employees.”
Stefan SternWriter for Financial Times / IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance
“As they descend from the mountaintop, business
leaders mustn’t lose sight of the human-shaped priorities
that underpin business success.”

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