e-book | The Human Factor in Digital Transformation

In a technology-driven workforce, establishing human-shaped priorities is key for HR and L&D professionals. Technology’s effect on the global workforce is causing a reskilling revolution, and businesses need to rethink how humans and AI work together in today’s Digital Transformation.

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E-book Microlearning

In this e-book you will learn

  • How human impact plus technology and innovation help solve the digital transformation equation

  • How to equip employees with the right tools to face the reskilling revolution

  • How to prioritize people in digital transformation

  • Case Study: Learn the key to success behind Asia’s $1.16 trillion digital transformation

  • How AI can help HR hire top talent

Thought Leaders on the Human Factor in Digital Transformation:

Brian SolisPrincipal Analyst, Altimeter
”The focus has shifted away from using technology solely to increase performance – organizations are now trying to harness technology to influence company culture, facilitate collaboration and introduce new ways of communicating, working and learning.”
Jamie TurnerHR Director Europe, SDI Media
”No matter what the size of your team is, success for L&D comes through a smart use of technology and people.”