Infographic | 5 Steps for a Strong Employer Brand

A strong employer brand helps you attract and retain talent in your organization. Speexx presents the five vital steps you need to take in order to build an effective employer branding strategy. Download the infographic and start building your own employer brand. 

HR white paper

  • How should you assess the current status of your employer brand?

  • How can you engage your employees with your employer branding strategy?

  • How can you optimize recruiting and training?

Interview on Hiring vs. Educating

The gap between the number of people that organizations would like to hire and the budget they have for recruitment is getting wider. In the past 2 years, organizations saw a 62% increase in their hiring volume, but only an increase of 42% in the budget available for recruitment. In this video, Armin Hopp speaks about what HR professionals should consider when developing workforce skills in-house and hiring externally.