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Build Your Own Talent Marketplace


The internal talent pipeline is crucial at this time. To achieve true talent agility, it is time to look beyond traditional job functions and departments. Donwload this whitepaper and learn how to create an agily internal talent ecosystem.

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Leadership Skills for the New Normal


Strong leadership is vital during times of uncertainty. Flexible and responsive leadership is important when motivation and productivity, as well as the mental health of the workforce, is under pressure.

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Switching from F2F to Digital Learning

This e-book is a practical guide to the transition to a digital learning platform. Download this e-book and uncover the benefits of moving from face-to-face to digital learning as well as the data and tips you need to ensure a successful transition.

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The Neuroscience of Learning

Modern learning methods have taken over and neuroscience can help companies adapt to the changing world. Neuroscience explores the subject of a different type of education in the digital age, making on-the-job training and further education, therefore, more diverse and personalized.

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mental health

Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health is often a tabu topic in the work environment. However, HR professionals need to drive the conversation and support employees dealing with burnout, anxiety, decreased productivity or depression. Download this e-book and learn how to create a healthy work environment!

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Engaging a Diverse Workforce

The modern workforce brings together Millennials, BabyBoomers and more recently, even Gen Z. This e-book will help you understand the different needs of various generations and cultures within your teams. Get practical tips on how to effectively deliver learning to your diverse workforce.

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human factor

The Human Factor in Digital Transformation

In a technology-driven workforce, establishing human-shaped priorities is key for HR and L&D professionals. Technology’s effect on the global workforce is causing a reskilling revolution, and businesses need to rethink how humans and AI work together.

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The Social HR Enterprise

The demand for corporate responsibility is rising worldwide. Learn how to transform your business into a social enterprise and satisfy the needs of today’s demanding workforce, prepare for organizational change, and embrace technology without neglecting people.

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Managing Diverse Teams

Get expert advice on developing an effective digital learning strategy, transforming corporate communication and measuring the results of soft skills development in the workforce.

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Overcome the Forgetting Curve

Many companies struggle to capture the attention of distracted learners. Learn how modern and unique learning methods, such as Gamification and Microlearning, can drive employee satisfaction and meet your business objectives.

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Learning Experience Design: Die Gestaltung von Lernerfahrungen

Learning Experience Design

While access to revolutionary technology in L&D is at an all-time high, many organizations still choose to implement ineffective tools for training and development. One way to close this gap for the modern learner is to focus on the entire learning experience using learning experience design principles.

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humanity back in HR

Putting Humanity Back Into HR

Download this whitepaper and learn how you can support your teams during this accelerated digital transformation, providing them with the necessary skills to successfully adapt to the new way of working.

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professional woman working from home writing notes

Boosting Learning Business Impact

A strategic approach to employee experience must combine data with human, soft skills. Only when people are able to communicate effectively with other people across teams and borders, will HR and L&D be able to demonstrate a measurable business impact of learning.

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a female designer taking notes in a notebook

Delivering Effective Skills Development

Soft skills such as language and communications skills are business-critical to success in the global marketplace – especially in times where teams, clients or business partners are unable to meet face-to-face and daily communication or meetings must be carried out virtually.

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Remote workforce

The Rise of the Remote Workforce

How can organizations quickly and effectively set up their remote teams for success? International organizations, in particular, are under increasing pressure on a global level, to further increase employee engagement and productivity.

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big data era

The Big Data Era of HR

Talent and technology are top of mind in 2020 and managing human capital in the big data era of HR look set to take priority for business success. Discover the importance of human skills in the big data era and how your organization can maximize the benefits of data and learning analytics.

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Beyond Automation

Beyond Automation

IBM predicts 120 million workers in the world’s largest 12 economies will need to be reskilled during the next three years, as a result of new technological innovations. How will automation impact your workforce and what steps can you take to prepare your teams for these changes?

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How retiring Baby Boomers are affecting the workplace

Managing the Generation Gap

As new generations are entering the workforce, Generation X is taking over leadership roles from the now retiring Baby Boomers. How are retiring Baby Boomers and this mix of generations affecting your workplace and how can you manage the generation gap?

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Training the Digital Leaders of the Future

A lot of money may be spent on technology that either simply digitizes existing processes or, worse still, leaves customer service no better than it was before. The solution to this is simple and cost effective – grow your own digital gurus from within.

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Der digitale Wandel als Konstante in der Weiterbildung

Business Agility as Response to Change

Organizations in all sectors and vertical markets are experiencing a period of rapid change. Factors ranging from Brexit to global trade agreements and international politics are having a major impact on most marketplaces.

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design thinking whitepaper

Design Thinking in HR and L&D

Discover how adopting a user-centric approach and focusing on employee experience can help drive engagement and success in your HR strategy and L&D programs.

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Aligning HR and L&D with Business Goals

HR and L&D professionals play a key role in building a stable and engaged workforce equipped to respond to shifting business priorities. Download this whitepaper and learn how to better align HR and L&D with your business objectives.

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Personalized & Flexible Learning

Personalized learning is becoming the backbone of modern businesses. Download this whitepaper and learn how AI and technology-driven L&D adds value as a strategic tool for greater business agility and talent retention.

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user centric design

Think User Centric! 

Digital transformation has radically changed the way training is perceived by employees. L&D professionals need to adapt their strategies and implement the new, emerging trends such as user-centric learning.

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Obtaining Success in Learning

The key to addressing HR and L&D challenges successfully lies with maximizing learning technology to drive a self-directed learning culture, with a focus on soft skills. Find key insights on how to drive learning success.

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