Munich, November 24, 2023

Speexx, the industry leader for digital people development, coaching, and language training, reported the highest ever number of attendees and registrations for its flagship L&D and HR thought leadership event, Speexx Exchange. This year, the hybrid conference garnered over 1,000 registrations with 200 in-person attendees.  


Speexx Exchange 2023 saw a return of HR and L&D industry leaders gathered at the Berlin InterContinental and online where they discussed the topic of the day: the interplay between AI and the human-focused touch and curiosity.  

The event was chaired and moderated by Laura Overton, International Speaker and Analyst, with online facilitation and live blogging provided by Virtual Classroom Facilitator, Jo Cook, Director of Lightbulb Movement. Rounding off the event experience were live scribes, as Peter Morey of Ludic Creatives produced real-time digital drawings of the sessions as they occurred in Berlin. 

Generative AI and curiosity emerged and two key themes of the day. A deep dive into the first was led by Brian Murphy, Senior Director of Employee Skilling, Microsoft, as his keynote provided expert insights into the future of work with AI. He shared his experiences about the upcoming cutting-edge Microsoft technology, Copilot for Microsoft 365, which harnesses the power of generative AI to offer practical input for meetings, wrap-up, action point assignment, and more. The key takeaway was that companies such as Microsoft are at the cutting edge of shaping how humans and AI will partner together in the future for creative efficiency and productivity. 

The second key theme of curiosity was kicked off by Simon Brown, Paul Ashcroft, and Garrick Jones of The Curious Advantage, in which they considered the ways in which curiosity and innovation can partner with AI as a brainstorming tool. The trio examined how humans can approach AI with the 7Cs (Curiosity, confidence, collaboration, communication, creativity, commitment, and craftsmanship) to unleash their full potential. Ultimately, the trio concluded that humans have a pivotal role to play in the rapidly changing technological future provided they remain curious. 

“This year’s Speexx Exchange was the biggest ever, with the highest number of registrations and attendees to date. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and we all came away with new discussion points to bring back to our teams and organizations. In a world where mediocrity will be automated, it’s down to human curiosity to provide the “missing link.” It’s not AI that will replace humans, but rather humans utilizing AI that will replace those who fail to upskill, reskill, and teach AI to work for them,” said Armin Hopp, Founder of Speexx. 

Speexx Exchange will return for its 14th edition in 2024. 

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